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[rohrpost] call: animations

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, a MoMA affiliate, and
Ocularis Cinema Williamsburg Style invite visual
artists, film, video, and media makers
to submit animated work to be considered for inclusion
in ANIMATIONS, exhibition and indoor and open air
screening series opening May
20, 2001 and continuing through the summer.  We are
seeking film, video, and web-based projects that
explore the medium of animation
through reflexive strategies, broadly examining its
social, political, artistic and esthetic role in
contemporary culture. 

Animations/Artists’ Installations
Exhibition opens May 20, 2001

Animations will both inform the audience on animation,
and explore the unique ways in which visual artists
are using the form today. 
Considering how the distinction between the “reality”
of live action and the projected fantasy of animation
has blurred in recent decades, this
exhibition explores the implications of living in an
age where visual experience is informed by new
technologies. The effects of new and old
technologies will be traced from early pre-animation
use of caricature through “poor” animation, like
William Kentridge’s well-known “Drawings
for Projection” up to work by exciting young artists
today. The utopian beginnings of animation, the
relationship between analog and digital, as
well as between graphic form and 3-D animation, are
some of their subjects.

Animations will be made up of a series of new
installations and projections by contemporary artists
working with the medium.  In addition,
three rooms designed by prominent installation artists
will offer unique spaces where the audience will
interact with the history, diversity, and
technological achievements of animation.  One
environment will look at the medium’s history,
contexualizing the work of present day
innovators.  An archive room will offer visitors the
opportunity to view works from a selection of hundreds
of international animated films.  
Another room will be dedicated to the creative
accomplishments in web-based animation, exploring the
contributions of computer
technology to the development of the medium.

Animations/Animated Film in the Open-Air
3 Thursdays beginning July 12, 2001

P.S.1’s Open Air Film Series, curated in collaboration
with Ocularis, Cinema Williamsburg Style will present
three screenings that introduce
audiences to some of the most exciting voices working
in independent and experimental animated film around
the world.  The series will
highlight the work of contemporary innovators who
challenge and redefine traditional notions of
animation. These engaging, entertaining, and
provocative programs will include both recent and
classic films, drawn from a vast and varied history. 
Films included in this series travel
beyond the conventional cartoon, probing the
relationship of animation to other contemporary art
forms.  These open-air screenings will bring
to life a surreal world of offbeat humor, found and
fantastic imagery, and the liberating potential of the

Screenings will take place against the unique backdrop
of P.S.1’s outdoor sculpture area, where lighting
design will transform the expansive
courtyard into a distinctive nocturnal environment,
and pre-screening music, food and drink aid in
creating a unique cinematic ambience.  
All submissions must be received by April 1, 2001
Please visit to download the submission
and mail with your tape to:
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
22-25 Jackson Ave at 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY  11101

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