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JavaMuseum honours three artists
who combine artistic expression and statements with substantial power,
technological activity, and excellence in sustained work

Both events will go simultaneously online on Monday, 3 September 2001.
Following artists participate:

Yael Kanarek*
Jody Zellen*
Doron Golan*
Jacki Danielchuk*
Ian David Aronson*
Marilyn Watelet*
Giacomo Verde*
Toni Mestrovic*
Valery Grancher*
Fernando Llanos*
Patrick Lichty*
Eldar Karhalev*
Atle Barcley*
Jaka Zelesnikar*
George Alamidis*
Leander Seige*
Roman Minaev*
Brooke A.Knight*
Yifat Gat*
John Cavendish*
Christina McPhee*
sfear bebopanaut*
Digital Sisters Indeed*
Trebor Scholz/Carol Flax*
Wolf Kahlen**
Marek Gibney*
Armelle Aulestia*
Tiia Johanson*
Nicole Stenger*
Olga Kisseleva*
Alexandra Globokar*
Robert F. Krawczyk*
MEZ [mary-anne breeze]*
Ashley Holmes/Matthew Hawker*

The exhibition will run until the end of 2001 and will remain afterwards as
an art resource on JavaMuseum server.

The exhibition is designed in Flash and curated
by Agricola de Cologne.
hardware: minimum: Pentium III 450Mhz or comparable Apple Macintosh,
soundcard, fast Internet connection, minimum 56Kb, recommended: better
software: plug-ins: Flash and Quicktime
browser: MS Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Netscape 4.5+.

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

According to its aims:
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs),
JavaMuseum represents an institution,
which encourages the use of
Internet technologies in contemporary art,
situated at the virtual environment of Internet.

general contacts

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