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Re: [rohrpost] JavaMuseum Press Release

At 10:11 03.09.01 +0200, "Agricola de Cologne" <>
>Press Release
>edited by
>JavaMuseum -
>Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
>(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)
>is happy to open its first online show on Monday, 3 September 2001,
>**1st of Java - Perspectives on New Media** the Show
>and to publish the winners of the first
>***JavaArtist of the Year Award***for 2001

Dear Visitor,

The Websites of the NewMediaArtProjectNetwork
are optimized for

MS Internet Explorer 4.0+ ( & NN 4.5+)
VGA 800x600 
24 bit True Colour
Flash 5 ( download the latest Flash Player)

Strongly recommended is a computer configuration
based on a fast processor, at best Pentium III or above
a fast Internet connection 56K and above,
installation of a sound card and a fast grafic card

for performing the complex multimedia content
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