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[rohrpost] Deutsch-israelisches Medienkunstfestival novalog (4. - 18.9. Staatsbank)

We would like to invite you to the electronic art festival  ‚novalog2001
Tel Aviv-Berlin - new media experience'. The festival is the end of a
lenghtly German-Israeli exchange process between 26 artists from both
sides. It will take place from the 4th until the 18th of September at
Staatsbank Französische Strasse 35, Berlin. The vernissage beginns on
the 4th of September at 8pm.

The exhibition contains the following works:

     edit suisse group    -    ‚stereolayer' (audio feature and slide
     Galit Eilat & Mosh Kainer    -    'the messenger' (net
     Safy Etiel    -    ‚video library‘ (videoinstallation), ‚prototype‘
     Barry Frydlender    -    (digital photographs)
     Gideon Gechtmann    -    ‚endless show' (installation)
     Hagar Goren    -    (videoinstallation)
     Angelika Middendorf    -   ‚ID-Transit' (videoinstallation)
     Hadas Ophrat    -    ‚palms' (installation)
     Pyjama Inc.    -    (video installation)
     Timm Ringewaldt    -    ‚virtual territory' (interactive
     Jan Rohlf & Maverick   -    ‚sweet dreams are made of this'
     Andreas Schimanski    -    ‚launch coaster' (photograph)
     M. Schweiger feat. D. Levi    -    'talking heads travelling'
     Tai Shani     -    (videoinstallation)
     Yavchoosh     -   ‚fun police – random selector' (installation)

The exhibtion opens daily from 3pm to 10pm. It is organized by novalog
e.V. in cooperation with Buky Grinberg and curated by Mirjam Wenzel and
Ori Drumer.
It will be accompanied by a programm of electronic concerts, audiovisual
performances, videoscreenings and discussions. The side programm takes
place in the novaLounge from 8pm to 1am:

4.9.  Grand Opening: Screening 'The Wake' with Live Music from Dror
Feiler and DJ-Support by Idan Kupferberg, Feed, Gelb and Chica Paula

5.9.  Screening: contemporary video art from Israel (curated by Ori
Drumer and Buky Grinberg)

6.9.   Nosferatu with an electronic music life act by Duralex Sedlex

7.9. Discussion: German-Israeli relationships and the Middle East
Conflict - reflections on the novalog process.
with: Christine Maehler (Jugendforum der deutsch-israelischen
Gesellschaft), Jörn Böhme (Arbeitskreis für Frieden im Nahen
Osten),Tsafrir Cohen (journalist) and Mirjam Wenzel
afterwards: electronic music life act by Gelbert and eclectic orchestra

8.9.  girls night: VJs Alma, Dana&Julie, DJs Manou &  Kazi Lenker,
Performance by Tobias Bernstrup

9.9.  'Berlin - Sinfonie einer Großstadt' with an electronic music life
act by Zeitblom

10.9.  Screening: contemporary video art from Berlin ‚telecommunicative
(curated by Antje Weitzel and Mirjam Wenzel)

11.9.  Screening: contemporary video art from Berlin ‚electronic

12.9.  Screening: contemporary video art from Berlin 'pop, fun and the
gender issue‘

13.9.  ‚The wonderful world of Ron & Safy‘, a videoconcert by Ron Katsir
and Safy Etiel
afterwards: Israeli Underground meets WMF; Dinamo Dvash presents DJ
Yossi and Dubmasters live, VJ Alma

14.9.  london calling: Anat & Avi, VJ/DJ- Performance

15.9.  boys night: VJs Vanish, Vadim, DJs de:bug allstars

16.9.  Screening: contemporary video art from Berlin (repitition)

17.9.  Erev Rosh Hashana: surprisedinner at the Jewish New Year's Eve

18.9.  Finissage: groovability presents DJs 2B and Brutto Pincione and
VJ Max Tigai

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