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[rohrpost] in celebration of "life and creation", this saturday

dear list members,

our hearts go out to those affected by the
tragedy of september 11. but it is necessary to
show we are strong and not weak. also it is
necessary to just show solidarity for fellow
humans, and bond together across borders of race,
religion, politics. we should not pit ourselves
"us vs. them". this is a dangerous notion. so,
instead, we propose to get together and celebrate

please join us this saturday, in celebration of
"life and creation".

if nothing else, to see a familiar face,
off-list, as i am sure mark amerika, the alt-x
crew, and myself would welcome a
familiar face and some dialogue: in collaboration with Cristine Wang

Net Art Meets Book Art:
The Alt-X Ebook Launch Party at FUN

A Rhizome Remix Event
Saturday, September 22 (7-10pm)

FUN is located at 130 Madison Street
(between Pike & Market, under the Manhattan
Bridge in Manhattan)
F-train to East Broadway
Hint: look for the "white letters on blue awning"
tel: 212-964-0303

*free + open to the public*

Curated by Cristine Wang for Alt-X (

Media Sponsor: NY ARTS Magazine

Sound Performers: Twine

The Milk Factory just compared Twine to both
Autechre and Mille Plateaux,
saying their music is "inspired by the work of
John Cage, Stauckhausen and
the electro-acoustic movement," and that "Twine's
evolutive rhythmic
patterns and multifaceted use of the same sound
sources create a unique
collection of avant-gardist musical forms, firmly
set into its own
cultural landscape, but open to the outside
world." They have new and
forthcoming releases out on Komplott (Sweden),
Hefty Records (Chicago) and
Bip Hop (France).

Moving Image Projections: FILMTEXT - "source

"source material" from Mark Amerika's new
FILMTEXT project, a version of
which is scheduled for exhibition at his
retrospective at the ICA in
London later this Fall.

Net Art and Ebooks:

Projections of work on exhibit at the Alt-X site,
including work by Eugene
Thacker, doll yoko, BEAST(TM), Talan Memmott,
Digital Studies, ebr,
Hyper-X, and all of the new titles from the Alt-X

Alt-X Press brings to web-readers a must-have
library of uncategorizable
writing being produced by some of the most
provocative artists in
contemporary new media culture. This initial
launch of eight full-length
works of art is now available in ebook and Palm
Pilot formats and will
soon be available as Print On-Demand (POD)
titles. The eight titles
inaugurated here include previously unpublished
work by postmodern fiction
masters George Chambers, Ron Sukenick and Raymond
Federman, screen-based
auteur Nile Southern, new media stars Mark
Amerika, Alan Sondheim, Eugene
Thacker and Adrienne Eisen, and a collection of
Neuromantic Fiction from
the Black Ice archives. The best part about it
all? These ebooks are
available to you for free.

In a time of economic downturn and
uncertainty, Alt-X perseveres
and continues its mission to expand the concepts
of art and writing.

Alt-X: online since 1993.

"Where the digerati meet the literati."

For more information contact:
Kristine Feeks
Cristine Wang
Mark Tribe

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