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Re: [rohrpost]Zizek in der ZEIT: New York: Willkommen in derWueste des Realen

an Frank Joerdens 
(der scheinbar noch nie die rohrpost-signatur angeschaut hat ;-) )

> Was ist nettime? Wo gibt's das?
aus: http://www.nettime.org/info.html

 <nettime> is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an
international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant euphoria
(to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism, spread by
journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who generalize about 'new'
media with no clear understanding of their communication aspects. we have
produced, and will continue to produce books, readers, and web sites in
various languages so an 'immanent' net critique will circulate both on- and

<nettime> is slightly moderated.

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