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[rohrpost]cenjur press-information EU-Gipfel 21.09.2001

Attack on the United Stated of America Ė open letter by Gudrun Seidl,
cenjur, to the U.S.
How to create a worldwide community obeying to common moral standards

Bruxelles/Freiburg, 21.09.2001 Comprehension quickly turned into
absolute horror on hearing the speech held by your President last
night.  Sorrow had been replaced by anger Ė an eye for an eye and a
tooth for a tooth. As a matter of fact, the attack happened in America
but it moreover was an attack on the whole community obeying to common
moral standards. People worldwide were hit by that attack on the U.S. I
therefore urgently ask the U.S. to take decisions together with the
peoples of the whole world and not to decide for them. As difficult as
it may be for the American people, please do remember our common moral
standards. A community obeying to high moral standards should be able to
find ethic answers and shouldnít need to rely on military ones. Iím well
aware of the fact how far away we are from being a community sharing
common moral standards. Letís do our very best to achieve that goal. Let
me put it by a few words by Friedrich Schiller:

ďAny human being is free, he or she will be always be free even on
having been born in chains. Beware of being led astray by the mob
shrieking or the misdeeds of furious fools. Donít fear free human
beings, but do fear the slaves when breaking their chainsĒ.

Thinking about what it means to belong to the species of human beings
will set us on the long way leading to a community sharing common moral
standards. On those who feel they are valuable can see others are
valuable as well. Only those who have respect for themselves are able to
show respect to others. Let us learn the lesson that terrible attack
taught us. Letís create an international council for ethic values to be
chosen by people. Letís start attributing its real value to nature.
Letís stop continue being keen on acting the way we used to act: letís
stop from being natureís destroyers.

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