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[rohrpost]Report from the Frozen Zone: some video

Report from the Frozen Zone:

Last saturday nite, a small crowd gathered from
the community to venture into the fringes
of the "frozen zone" below canal street in new
york city, where traffic is restricted to livery
cabs, delivery trucks, ems workers and
firetrucks; where pre-september 11 days, black
market communities gathered from the fujian
provence in chinatowns east broadway, to trade
wares, meet, where no one asks questions, and
anonymity rules.  however, all has changed and it
has been transformed into a combat zone of
emergency flares, soldiers with mitras, and
military helicopters flying overhead, and the
incessant fumes and plumes of smoke making it
closer in feeling to a 21st century stalingrad.

running late, and hoping to not be confronted by
the border control / checkpoint at canal street
and the bowery, we decided last minute to hop
into a cab, waving our identification papers
instead. we passed luckily without any questions
past the first checkpoint at canal street, then
met a second minor blockade at madison street. 
weaving our way around the base of the manhattan
bridge we finally made it. 

we passed the once familiar doors, and there was
some confort in that little detail from our once
normal life pre-september 11...

we tried to provide some sort of platform for
those who wanted to say something to do so, and
so i asked some members of the community
which has a big presence on the
listserv to speak up.  since that is what i think
is in the best possible scenario, what online
communities are created on differing listservs,
is a shared belief or ideals, and it was great
for some who had never met each other before
offline, and in the flesh, to do so...

for those of you who missed Mark Amerika's video
projection of "Filmtext" and sounds by Twine this
past saturday, you also missed some comments from
the community on September 11
reverberations and commentary by Alan Sondheim,
Tina LaPorta, Paul Garrin among others:

Video shot by filmaker Lee Songe of IS Studios.

thanks to everyone who came by including, James
Andrews, Andy Deck, John Klima, Jenny Marketou,
Emil Memon, Matej Mljac, Joseph Nechvatal,
Randall Packer, Christiane Paul, Lewis Stein,
Scott Weinkle and others...

also to Mike Low, John Morton for making sure the
event happened and we had the tech support for
voicing our opinions in this time of trial.


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best regards, cristine wang  mobile: 917.318.0081


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