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[rohrpost]make world 18-21 october

[tut mir wie immer leid fuers crossposten,
hier ist die ankuendigung zu einer groesseren
veranstaltung in muenchen in kuerze.
vielleicht also bis bald! /florian]

make-world festival 
conference | exhibitions | performances | workshops 
18 - 21 OCTOBER 2001  MUNICH

What's new? Even in times when everybody is shocked by the news,
something new refers rather not to the unknown or the never seen before,
but to the omnipresence of permanent change. What was beyond imagination
up to recently, may, in the next moment come as no surprise. 

>From October 18th to the 21nd the make-world festival will take place in
Munich, one of the fastest growing High-Tech and New Media clusters in
the world. Make-world is a first of it's kind project dealing with such
different subjects as migration and freedom of circulation, open source
and immaterial labor, tactical media and art in networking environments.
Against the backdrop of global politics undergoing radical changes,
scientists, theorists, artists and activists are invited to participate
in presentations, constructive conversations, reflection and debates. 

Under the title BORDER="0" LOCATION="YES" the festival aims to track new
forms of subjectivity carried out by current modifications of the world;
which until recently were characterized as "infotization",
"digitization" and "globalization". The more these buzzwords loose their
glamour, the more important it is to discuss the role borders play, and
question what restricted and unrestricted locality, mobility and freedom
of movement may mean.

Global processes are running out of time and space. Facing the end of
the end, everything - what might happen or has to be done - starts from
scratch. And this new beginning embraces much more than ever before.
It's time to scroll: to look ahead and behind, to step to the side, to
think fast forward.


The conference part consists of lectures and debates with numerous
renowned speakers from all over the world. In the aftermath of the
attacks of New York City and Washington D.C., the new german migration
debate has been delayed and the reminiscence of the anti-globalization
protests seem to fade out. Nevertheless the conference program is going
to question the real potential of what was formerly known as
globalization, as far as it affects the life of human beings. In the
raise of a new global sovereignty, in the decline of a New Economy and
on the eve of the privatization and proprietarization of the internet,
the conferences aims to analyze the virtualization of borders and the
re-vitalization of public and free accessible spheres.

The exhibition deals with a strange attraction: "The Artist as an
Expert" will take a side view and process profiles of artists. It will
collect some of the artists data and expose self-profiles sequencing the
biographical, aesthetical, imaginary layers of subjectivity.
Participating artists are: Yevgeniy Yufit (expert in forensic medicine,
St. Petersburg), Marko Peljhan (expert in communication technology and
earth/space environment applications, Ljubljana), Entropy8Zuper (experts
in the future of art and entertainment, Gent), Jennifer Reeder (expert
in White Trash, Chicago), Herbert W. Franke (expert in computer art,
cybernetic aesthetics, visualization of science, futurology, speleology,


The exhibition will be connected to the public interface "Everyone is an
Expert", which will be set up in it's first version by Shu Lea Cheang
(New York): It consists of a four-day running installation including
databases, open entry forms, free terminals, help desks and lounges.

BORDER="0" LOCATION="YES" will open on Thursday night, in the
Muffathalle, with lectures by Saskia Sassen, Ghassan Hage and a
performance by the "Publix Theatre Caravan". 

On Friday, the conference starts with debates along different tracks.
Topics include: "Labor Without Borders", "Open Source and Free Floating"
and "Under Global Construction". In the evening Roman Leibov will give a
lecture, followed by the vernissage of the exhibition "The Artist as an
Expert" and the public interface installation "Everyone is an Expert".
Later that night Guillermo Gomez-Pena will perform. 

Saturday is a conference day, with debates and workshops. The evening
program includes a talk by Kodwo Eshun, a concert with Daddy G (Massive
Attack) and Console in the concert hall, a Micromusic clubnight in the
exhibition space and an Expert-Lounge around the public interface
installation "Everyone is an expert". 

On Sunday, Lev Manovich will speak on "The Language of New Media". As
well, "Virtualienmarkt", a one-day project fair where artists, activists
and others present their projects, takes place in the big hall. The
event will close with a debate with Yann Moulier Boutang and Antonio
Negri (connected by a video-conference).


afrika gruppe, Valery Rey Alzaga (Denver), Konrad Becker (Vienna),
Franco Bifo Berardi (Bologna), Stefano Boeri (Milan), Yann Moulier
Boutang (Paris), Shu Lea Cheang (New York), Antonio Conti (Rome),
Ricardo Dominguez (New York), Diedrich Diedrichsen (Berlin), Kodwo Eshun
(London), Matt Fuller (London), Volker Grassmuck (Berlin), Reinhold
Grether (Konstanz), Ghassan Hage (Sydney), DD Halleck (San Diego, Graham
Harwood (Amsterdam), Jesse Hirsch (Toronto), Osaren Igbinoba (Jena),
Fran Illich (Tijuana), Manse Jacobi (Beirut), Myoung Joon Kim (Seoul),
Maurizio Lazzarato (Paris), Kimi Lee (Los Angeles), Roman Leibov
(Tartu), Geert Lovink (Sidney), Eveline Lubbers (Amsterdam), Sebastian
Lütgert (Berlin), Lev Manovich (San Diego), MEK Software (Dortmund),
Sandro Mezzadra (Bologna), Angela Mitropoulos (Melbourne), Erich Moechel
(Vienna), Prabhu Prasad Mohapatra (New Delhi), Anton Monti (Helsinki),
Tom Mulcaire (Cape Town), Antonio Negri (Rome), Paolo Punx (Milan), Aris
Papatheodorou (Paris), Marko Peljhan (Ljubljana), Ludovic Prieur
(Paris), RTmark, Janko Roettgers (Berlin), Partha Pratim Sarker (Dhaka),
Saskia Sassen (Chicago), Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti (Bonn), Pit
Schultz (Berlin), Shuddhabrata Sengupta (New Delhi), Dimitrina Sevova
(Sofia), Sam de Silva (Melbourne), Markus Termonen (Helsinki), Trabajo
Zero (Madrid), Jussi Vahamaki (Tampere), Wu-ming (Bologna), Ya basta!
(Milano) and many others. 

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make-world festival 
conference | exhibitions | performances | workshops 
18 - 22 OCTOBER 2001 

concept by: Florian Schneider and Olia Lialina 
supported by: Thomas Atzert (Frankfurt), Shu-Lea Chang (New York),
Dragan Espenschied (Nordheim), Graham Harwood (Amsterdam), Fran Illich
(Mexico City), Manse Jacobi (Beirut), Geert Lovink (Sydney), 
Alain Kessi (Sofia), Armin Medosh (London), Anton Monti (Helsinki), 
Marko Peljhan (Ljubljana), Pit Schultz (Berlin), Klaus Schoenberger 
(Tuebingen), Felix Stalder (Toronto) 
produced by: Muffathalle Betriebs GmbH, lothringer13 and the cultural
department of the city of Munich
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