Nick Kilroy on Sat, 9 Feb 2002 21:20:09 +0100 (CET)

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[rohrpost] OPEN_SOURCE EVENT - submissions welcome

open_source event - request for submissions @
One of the aims of this night is discover how to mediate/curate and music; find the space between 'the gallery', 'the monitor', 'the cinema' and my headphones. Encourage any bedroom genuises to come down and play-out.


PLUG AND PLAY allows people to PLUG in their laptops and PLAY music they have made or interests them ... and project a visual output. Music policy is eclectronic [sic] .... anything electronic really, however obscure........ or mainstream.

Or upload music/data. We'd welcome any hard-drive detritus: music, programs, films, generative software/programs or new projects. for uploads more info, FTP details etc
Better still, if you're around London, come down and PLAY! Vinyl, MP3, MDs, CDs, or ... laptop! It doesn't have to be your own music either, just music you wish to...... present
The event takes place in  PUBLICLIFE in Shoreditch (opposite Spitalfields) and it runs on the last Sunday of each month in the late afternoon/evening, (nxt on the 24thFeb). The club is fully on-line capable of downloading an entire set, with sockets along the walls so people can bring their laptops down and surf, download ..
You might also wish to pass this information onto anyone you think may be interested in having their work amplified in a space, albeit in another country.