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[rohrpost] Fwd: Bojana Pejic-Vortrag, 14.2., BLN

Postkoloniale Kritik

Vortragsreihe an der Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin
in Cooperation mit dem NGBK
Moderation : Hito Steyerl



Am Donnerstag 14.2.02

um 18.30h  .   Raum 110

UdK  .   Hardenbergstrasse 33

"Mothers of the Nations, Daughters of the Revolutions

  Politics of representation in Public Space"

In my lecture, I intend to discuss the public project by the  Croatian
woman artist,
Sanja Ivekovic, Lady Rosa of Luxembourg. Sanja Ivekovic  (born in Zagreb
who produced feminist works already in the early 1970s, is an artist who
her entire carrier has questioned the "image" of  femininity and the status
of women
in a given socius, be it Socialism or  post-Socialism. The artist dedicated
rearticulation of a war memorial in  Luxemburg to Rosa Luxemburg. This
intervention triggered a great  political scandal in the Luxemburg community
and triggered violent, even  hysterical, reactions taking place in the
public sphere.

The female allegories of the nations, are usually taken to be a  topic of
the nineteenth
century and it is commonly presumed that they lost their  relevance in the
century. However, they resurfaced all around Europe  after the Second World
in public statuary now shaped after modernist  (abstract) visual regimes.
Furthermore, such allegorical femininity has been  actualized after 1989
when after
the fall of the Communist rules so many new  nation states have been founded;
almost without difference each of the  post-Communist states reintroduced
the female
national allegory standing for the  Mother of the Nation.
I will situate Ivekovics temporary monument in this  historical and
context and talk about female allegories in public  space.

Bojana Pejic ist Kunsthistorikerin und Kuratorin. Unter anderem kuratierte
sie die
Ausstellung "After the Wall" , die letztes Jahr auch in Berlin zu  sehen war.

Die Vortragssprache ist englisch.     -----

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