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A presentation by Grégoire Maisonneuve

Sunday, February 24, 7pm (19h)
at THE THING, 601 West 26th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001

artists net projects - starting with 
patrick bernier, ludovic burel, dr-brady, claude closky, 
rainer ganahl, jan kopp, gianni motti, téléférique is a private initiative - a desire -
which, from its production to its promotion, intends
to be accompanied by artistic projects specifically
developed for the Internet. is a platform for artistic proposals.
Willed by its commissioner, Grégoire Maisonneuve, to be a
work of art in itself, the interface of
is the fruit of a collaboration with the artist
Patrick Bernier and the computer programmer Jean-Noël
Lafargue. Minimal graphics, access without preliminary
navigation, no links or intermediate pages, neither
menu nor alphabetical list. Just art. The
particularity of is shared time. At any
given hour, one project and one project only can be
consulted. In order to discover other projects, one
must take the time to come back. This restriction is
incentive for lingering over one project instead of
skimming over many. The manner in which the projects
appear on the screen is pre-programmed. Movement is

At present, the looped program containing this first
visible body of work must be able to thrive. is an invitation to support artistic
production on the Net and to support the presence of
artists in this domain which is becoming more and more real.

The projects produced by Patrick Bernier, Ludovic
Burel and Téléférique were produced by and for Those by Claude Closky, the Collection
Yoon Ja & Paul Devautour, Rainer Ganahl, Jan Kopp and
Gianni Motti were a sign of encouragement for artists
and for the initiative of
rohrpost - deutschsprachige Liste fuer Medien- und Netzkultur
Archiv: http://www.nettime.org/rohrpost Info: http://www.mikro.org/rohrpost
Ent/Subskribieren: http://post.openoffice.de