Sven Guckes on Sun, 24 Feb 2002 18:44:04 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [rohrpost] any ideas? -> google

* Herbert Manser <> [020223 19:27]:
> 1989 I shoped "music of the intifada" by virgin records
> whats now actualy
> is there a suggestion

first off, let people know what you
have already done to find an answer,
eg checking the web search engines.

entering '"music of the intifada" virgin records'
with gives you the results as this URL:

and there you'll find this page, for example:
   Kuluna Fil Tareeq, "In A'd Rifaki", Palestine/Music of
   the Intifada (Virgin Records '89, vinyl) [Palestine]

now, I'm not sure whether this text
will answer your question.  in fact,
i do not know what your question was.

by the way, the name "Kulluna Fil Tareeq"
(note the double-l) appears on this page, too:

will it help your quest?

anyway, i suggest you learn to post
your questions in complete sentences,
learn to spell, and write in german
(or whatever your native language is).  ;-)

hope this helps...

ps: response sent to list so you'll
know that this guy got an answer.
sorry for the noise.  please return
to your reading of cultural events..

Sven  [the blinkenlights event here in Berlin was a
       bit too loud and much too "smoky" for my taste]
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