alexander klosch on Tue, 9 Jul 2002 13:57:27 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] loungelab is looking for you!

We'd like to invite you to make an entry to the backup.lounge|lab 2002
exhibition/laboratory project. 

While the backup.festival's issue is 'new media in film', .lounge|lab topic is to question traditional cinema dispositives.

This years exhibition will intensively deal with the transformation of the "open source"-theory/practice into "open art".
The .lounge|lab is no classic exhibition but a melange of an ever evolving laboratory and a recreating and communicative space.

Artists from all disciplines (i.e. filmmakers, video artists, sound
designers, architects, product designers, net and computer artists,
performers....) are invited to share a common "source code" and to act as an interdisciplinary collaborative artistic network. That means that the works will be created by multiple artists (we do not feature/present already finished works) and should symbolise their very different approaches towards the lab environment, media and their colleagues ideas and proposals. The integrity of the artists and their individual expression will both exist and diffuse when they access and trespass one another's ideas, material and media(tools). 

About the procedure/schedule of events: We will collect all entries until July 31st. After this we will "screen" all documented works and choose the artists to participate in the exhibition/lab project.
The artists will be chosen in a way to ensure a wide variety of different genres and hopes for the development of interaction/networking between the genres. 
Based on our conception of "open source -> open art) we then share all
information between those artists (room plans & videos of the exhibition/lab space, your former works' documentation, C.V.s = all understood as "open source code"). Beginning in the end of August the artists will be "linked" should start their collaborative work as a network (i.e. collective conception and preproduction of material needed) via the internet/mail/phone/whatever.
One week before the festival starts we will invite the artists from all over the world to join in the physical space at the lab in a workshop situation and assemble and install the works. During the exhibition the works should undergo a constant metamorphosis to again display the different approaches to the same "source code".

backup_festival will cover transportation (flight tickets, trains...) and accommodation in Weimar for the time of the workshop and the festival + pay workshop fees. Furthermore we are glad to be able to provide basic technology such as computers, projectors, sound systems, building material in a reasonable amount.

If you have any more questions please mail to us

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