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[rohrpost] Bauhaus Kolleg DotCity

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation announces the 


On September 26, 2002 the first Trimester of the Bauhaus Kolleg DOT.CITY will start.
Apply now for an outstanding interdisciplinary program. Work together with architects, geographers, sociologists, artists and other professionals on one of the most challenging topics in urbanism: 

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Cities.

Learn from international experienced specialists. Join people from all over the world coming together at a unique place: The Bauhaus Dessau. 

1st trimester: Finding Human/ICT-Interfaces Sept 26, - Dec 4, 2002  
Application Deadline: August 15, 2002

2nd trimester: Creating Dot.Urban Amplifiers Jan 23, - Apr 17, 2003  
Application Deadline: Dec 6, 2002

3rd trimester: Planning the Dot.City May 22, - Aug 14, 2003 
Application Deadline: Apr 4, 2003

For details of the current program see

and details of application see

See also: <> 
FORUM: the official webpage of the BAUHAUS KOLLEG DOT.CITY.  

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