Karsten Asshauer on Sun, 28 Jul 2002 15:15:22 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] [nexTrouTe.com] the gurMuru SurdMan kuo ming soung Tonitesunday july 28 in Fundus, Kassel

Dear Friends, colleagues and duck amateurs


Tonite at Fundus in Kassel, Germany from 9pm on behalf of Canal Bleu - 
The gurMuru SurdMan kuo ming soung opens the first session of Parliament 
Bitte - the 101/0 UpGrade Plateform. DeBaites will be modernated by 
ToolBar0ns Georg Platon, Mike Platoni and Bernard Plato Want the powerclick 
? mailto:parliament_request@nextroute.com?subject=subscribe Follow the 
online DeBaiters http://www.nextroute.com/101/0/Parliament_Bitte.html

Officials are welcome for the eArth P0ron GolFinger at the Orangerie

The evening continues with the PINE Concert joined by ToolBar0ns 
technart.net, jimpunk.com, fbwn.net and Genius 2K and special guests, 
ToolBar0ns Mi_Ga, KE_AN, various-euro and duck inflaters. Instructions : 

wishing you the best always, you're welcome


LA pavu.com Team
-/ PooPeDoo Winding You! /-

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