pit schultz on Fri, 11 Oct 2002 19:40:05 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] Last Minute Info - Wireless Cultures Workshop at Bootlab



here are some last minute infos for the DIY
wireless cultures workshop tomorrow. 
about 8 wlan activists from london have
arrived now. a few are already wardriving
throughout berlin, others did an open panel at
cafe moskau today. the place will be crowded
but we didn't want to close doors. for everyone
who can't make it we'll have a livestream running. 

 mostly in english! 

entry fee:
 5 euros
 2.50 euros for students etc. (bring documents) 
 ziegelstr. 20
 (next door to ex-wmf club)
 10117 Berlin
next subway station : ubhf oranienburger tor
next s-bahn station: hackescher markt / friedrichstr. 
tram station: monbijoupark/ubhf oranienburger str.
(you can use www.stadtplandienst.de to get a map)

 ~ 12 h 

bionic support system:
 food (veggie) and drinks 
 are served for a small fee

 to build ad hoc access points we still need *used* 
 hardware:  harddisks (1Gig), cpus (pentium200+), 
 mainboards, RAM (32mb), 14 inch b/w monitors, 
 ethernet cards, cases, RF-cables. 

 if you don't have one yet, 
 we have only a few to rent out. 
 we can't have enough plugs, 
 if you have a 5 plug + cable available, 
 (verlaengerungskabel, 5er steckerleiste)
 it would help a lot. 
warchalking stickers now available!

chairs, accesspoints and internet access, 
are provided :)

a realvideo livestream of the whole workshop
will be available at:

antenna tech list:


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