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[rohrpost] Remaking Reality CAiiA-STAR@IAMAS Symposium

PRE-ISEA 2002 event

Remaking Reality  CAiiA-STAR@IAMAS Symposium

Oct 25th 2002

IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Japan


Members of the international research group CAiiA-STAR will be in Nagoya 
for the ISEA (Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) conference and will be
coming to IAMAS Institute of Advance Media Arts and Sciences beforehand, on
25 October, to present their research and exchange ideas.

14 researchers, including the founding director of  CAiiA-STAR Roy Ascott,
will introduce their research. There will be a variety of interesting
topics discussed, including Net Art, interactive sound using CAVE, VR and
buildings, mixed reality, sensation, language, semantics etc.

Speakers include:

Prof.Roy Ascott | Prof. Dr. Jill Scott |  Diana Gromala | Peter Anders |
Mike Phillips | Marcos Novak |  Kjell Yngve Petersen |  Margaret Dolinsky |
 Thecla Schiphorst | Dene Grigar | Geoff Cox |  Ron Wakkary | Jim Laukes |
Dr. Michael Punt |  Prof. Dr. Christa Sommerer 

The symposium will be chaired mostly by Christa Sommerer and Hiroshi

The presentations will be in English.
The symposium will be broadcast live over the Internet.

Location: IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Hhall, 5th
floor of new building 3-95 Ryoke-cho, Ogaki city, Gifu
About 5 minutes by taxi and 10 minutes by bus from Ogaki station on JR
Tokaido Main Line
Access:  http://www.iamas.ac.jp/contact/E/index.html 
Contact: Christa Sommerer,  christa@iamas.ac.jp 
CMC - Kobayashi ( koba@iamas.ac.jp ), TEL +81-584-75-6616

#Organizing Committee:

Chair and Program committee: 
* Christa Sommerer (Associate Professor at IAMAS;  christa@iamas.ac.jp )  
* Hiroshi Yoshioka (Professor at IAMAS;  hyshk@nk.rim.or.jp )  
* Tsuyoshi Fuyama (CMC Center of Media Culture at IAMAS:  fuyan@iamas.ac.jp
* Keiko Kobayashi (CMC Center of Media Culture at IAMAS:  koba@iamas.ac.jp )  

Organizing Committee:
* Yoko Takahashi (Senior Officer at IAMAS;  takahasi@iamas.ac.jp )  
* Irina Gordeeva (IAMAS Office member;  irinag@iamas.ac.jp )  
* Shani Tobias (IAMAS Office member;  shani@iamas.ac.jp )  

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