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[rohrpost] WEB AS CANVAS - @ Art Futura 2002 - Barcelona

WEB AS CANVAS - @ Art Futura 2002 - Barcelona
an exhibition curated by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana

Dates: October 31 - November 3, 2002
Place: CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona).

Web as Canvas is a show of ten projects, which offer different ways to paint
with the code and establish clear bonds with the great movements of modern
art. All the projects are representative of the new creative tendencies in
Internet and are directly linked to the topic of this year festival:
³stretched painting².
Nine of these are already existing projects and one of them, World Wall
Painters, by the collective Area3 from Barcelona has been specially made for
Art Futura 2002. It is an application for the Carnivore Project by RSG
Radical Software Group, based on the software of the same name developed by
the FBI to "wire tap" Internet data. The Carnivore spies on data packages
and offers artists these packages to be reinterpreted in a creative way,
turning thus the own computer code into a work of art. In World Wall
Painters, an instrument of repression and control such as the Carnivore
becomes a dispenser of realistic paintings. Using the same irony of Jasper
Johns' flag, Area3's World Wall Painters paint constantly the flags of the
countries of those webs keyed by the users. The result is a collage that
points out the democratic utopia in the Internet and the current reality of
the access to information and new technologies.


Area3 (Spain) - World Wall Painters

Calc (Spain) - Communimage

Scott Draves (USA) - Electric Sheep

Entropy8zuper (Belgium) - Eden garden 1.1

Lia & Dextro (Austria) - Turux

Antonio Mendoza (USA) - Snowcrash

Mark Napier (USA) - Feed

Joshua Nimoy (USA) - Textension

Amit Pitaru James Paterson (USA) - InsertSilence

John Simon (USA) - Unfolding object

Thursday, October 31 - 17:00 / Auditorium CCCB
Web as Canvas - Carnivore
Special Session with Cory Arcangel, Radical Software Group and Area3
Chaired by Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana

On October 1st 2001, Radical Software Group (RSG), an international
collective of net.artists announced the launch of the Carnivore Project,
based on the software with the same name used by the FBI to spy and control
data through the Internet, although its aim is to transform the data
obtained by the Carnivore through the Internet into art.
The project, awarded in Ars Electronica 2002, has counted with the
involvement of important names in the international digital art scene.
Cory Arcangel, RSG member, will put forward the project's philosophy while
collective from Barcelona Area3 will present World Wall Painters, their
contribution to Carnivore.

Roberta Bosco:
Stefano Caldana:

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