Maren Hartmann on Tue, 5 Nov 2002 14:10:04 +0100 (CET)

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[rohrpost] Konferenz - call for papers

Hier ein Konferenz-'call', bei dem es fuer 'junge' Wissenschaftler
Finanzierungsmoeglichkeiten gibt.

Nachfragen bei mir sind moeglich.



*** New Media, Technology and Everyday Life in Europe ***

A European Conference organised by EMTEL
The European, Media, Technology and Everyday Life Network
London, April 23-26 2003

__Announcement and call for papers__

The Fifth RTD Framework Programme of the EU, Creating a User-friendly
Information Society,  has as its main objective the realisation of
the "benefits of the information society for Europe both by
accelerating its emergence and by ensuring that the needs of
individuals and enterprises are met".

The New Media, Technology and Everyday Life in Europe Conference addresses this
agenda directly.  It will ask three crucial questions which technology-driven
conferences generally fail to address:

 What does a user-friendly society mean?
 What are the facilitators of, and the obstacles to, its realisation?
 What are the consequences for markets and policy making?

The Conference builds on and expands a range of research activities
funded by the EC 4th and 5th Framework Programme (2000-03), COST
networks actions and IST Programmes.
It is  timely in its situation at the interface between 5th and 6th Framework
Programmes. Above all, it draws on the research experience of the EMTEL network

The conference is intended as a forum for a high-level encounter
between leading
European academics in the field of media, new media and society, and
more than forty doctoral and post-doctoral researchers (under the age
of 36) who will be invited to present their research on the areas and
themes covered by the conference.

The conference is financed by the EU, under the Improving Human
Potential, High-level Scientific Conferences, and will take place in
London between 23-26 April 2003.

Conference website:

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