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[rohrpost] US: freie Nutzung von Copyrights fuer Bildung

In den USA wird nach 4 Jahren DMCA zurückgeschraubt, was Deutschland 
gerade verbieten will. 

New Copyright Law Frees Educators to Use Copyrighted Works Online
Posted 06. November 2002 08:09

The U.S. Copyright Office announced on Tuesday that President Bush on 
Saturday signed into law the 21st Century Department of Justice 
Appropriations Authorization Act (H.R. 2215), which includes the Technology, 
Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act.

Of importance is the new law's amendment to the Copyright Act, which 
provides increased flexibility for accredited, nonprofit educational institutions to 
use the Internet to provide copyrighted materials to students enrolled in 
distance education programs. The amendment allows professors to use online 
music, movies and other copyrighted materials for "mediated instructional 
activities," without permission from or payment to copyright holders. It also re-
establishes this particular "fair use" of a copyrighted work -- still preserved for 
non-digital copyrights -- that was made illegal under 1998's Digital Millennium 
Copyright Act.

Mehr dazu:

American Library Association: New Copyright Law for Distance Education: 
The Meaning and Importance of the TEACH Act


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