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[rohrpost] Fusion 02: Geometries of Power / Geometrie der Macht (Dec.6th)

Fusion 02: Geometries of Power / Geometrie der Macht

 This year "Fusion 2002" is taking place in the virtual realm.

The theme is "Geometries of Power," a multi-user online 3D world that
uses the interactive characteristics of space, geometry and sound to
question concepts of power and control. It will be online and open for
participation as the main Fusion 02 Event.

Please join us:

 December 6, 2002

  21:00 - 23:00 Central European Time
 (12pm - 2pm Pacific Standard Time, West Coast of the USA)

  At: http://mission.base.com/fusion02/

  For further information and details on technical requirements for
  participation, please go to the webpage mentioned above.

  Note: participation will require a Windows PC and installation of
  the blaxxun Contact VRML browser.

"Geometries of Power" was developed October 7 - 18, 2002 at the
Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany during a workshop on 
Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Environments.

The workshop was held by:
 Tamiko Thiel, media artist, (tamiko@alum.mit.edu)
 Peter Graf, network technologist (pgraf@t-online.de)

under the auspices of the Departent of Media, Bauhaus-University
 Prof. Dr. Jill Scott, Media Design (jscott@smile.ch)
 Prof. Dr. Bernd Froehlich, Media Systems

Participating students:

 Bernhard Bittorf   (bernhard.bittorf@medien.uni-weimar.de)
 Daniel Fischer   (dan@F3C.com)
 Lisa Kumpf   (lisa.kumpf@gmx.de)
 Sebastian Heymann   (heymann@uni-weimar.de)
 Kristian Hildebrand   (hildebr2@uni-weimar.de)
 Mathias Möhring   (mathias.moehring@medien.uni-weimar.de)
 Henrik Thoms   (thoms@uni-weimar.de)
 Mark Winterhaller   (mark@subsignal.org)
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