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[rohrpost] SHIFT 079 UPDATE JUNE 2003

   S H I F T 0 7 9    U P D A T E    J U N E    2 0 0 3



   "Abake" is a design studio that consists of four members with
   different nationalities. In this May, they held the first
   exhibition, GAS in Japan at "GAS SHOP" in Tokyo. In this issue,
   we introduce their interview that was recorded for
   broadcasting in "GAS TV". 

   OFFF 2003

   Report the 3rd edition of "OFFF" in Barcelona. Many interviews
   with participate artists are worth to read. Reporting by Daniel
   and Maria from D76, Barcelona, Spain.


   Niko Stumpo from Abnormanbehaviorchild reports "Semi
   Permanent". SP is a design conference in Australia and it was
   organised by a design site "Design is Kinky". Niko also
   participated in this event as one of the speakers as well. 


   May is warm, with a feeling of ease and a smile on people's
   faces. Maybe this is how you feel when you look at the
   pictures that were displayed during May at Sapporo's Soso
   Cafe. The opening event for this exhibition was held on the 3rd
   of May where "Sunday-Vision" was invited to have a live
   painting performance with his friend and image maker Kentaro


   Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, whose popularity was at its
   peak in the1970s, is enjoying a comeback thanks to her newly
   opened Fashion and Textile Museum. It will house three
   thousand of Rhodes' own creations and also support
   educational facilities, providing opportunities for people to
   study and become familiar with all areas of fashion and


   "TIME! TIME! TIME!" exhibition is held at National Museum of
   Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo at the moment.
   Exploring about "time", which is an eternal mystery for human
   beings, from various points of view is the aim of this
   exhibition. Visitors look around the exhibition as they travel
   the time. 


   Musician Keiichiro Shibuya started the new music label
   "ATAK" last year. He has been expanding his field beyond music
   through installations and collaborations with various media.
   "ATAK" releases two new CDs in June. 


   Do you know which country is hosting interesting events, such
   as "OFFF" and "Sonar"? That's Spain and that might be the
   hottest country in the creative scene now. "MadInSpain" is
   another one that will be held in July. 


   "Alternatif Chronometer / Non-Stop-Game" is a group
   exhibition that has been held in Paris since this April. Several
   artists are invited from all over the world each time and they
   create works following each theme. The fourth edition of this
   exhibition will start in July under the theme of "Technological
   City". Creators will express "movements", "lights", "lives" and
   "humor" through their works. 


   A visual free magazine "SAL magazine" has just hit its the
   second-year-round and it will have a graphic exhibition "RE:"
   at "Soso" in Sapporo from the 2nd to 27th of June.
   Graphics, which were featured in SAL, will be presented in
   various materials and items. 


   "Artdemo" is now one of Tokyo's famous creative shows. The
   event receives many positive comments. "Artdemo.biz" is a
   special edition that introduces creators' business models and
   it will be held on the 29th of June. 


   Yutanpo Shirane is an illustrator based in Tokyo. His
   illustrations can be found in many media, such as magazines,
   book covers, CD sleeves and advertisements. The next
   exhibition at the gallery cafe "Soso" in Sapporo will feature
   him. It will be held from Monday the 7th to Thursday the 31st
   of July.


   New gallery space 'BIN' has been launched on cooperation with
   Abahouse International. BIN is a showcase and repository for
   artworks in the digital era. It is intended as a place for
   artists to exhibit and archive their digital artworks.
   Featuring Andrew Childs, an artist in New York this month. 


   What's happening around borderground? Correspondents for
   Shift dwelling on the edge of the world contribute monthly to
   Info-World. Shift presents your direct source from the
   borderground culture of the world.
   Spain is hot, hot, hot! Many creative events will be on and they
   will make your summer a very exciting one. Zaha Hadid is the
   Baghdad-born architect and her exhibition is now on in Vienna.
   From Singapore, we got the report about "Box". And lots of


   Featuring street fashion photos in the world. In this month is
   taking by Mlree from Hong Kong.


   Presenting a compilation CD "60 sound artists protest the
   war" and "ATAK002" that are released from the label "ATAK".
   Two copies for each. The deadline is Monday the 30th of June.


   For further information regarding advertisement,
   please inquire at ad@shift.jp.org

   If you don't want to join in the fun just reply with
   in the subject line and we will remove you from the list.

Taketo Oguchi for Shift Magazine 

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