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[rohrpost] Fwd: Outside In - symposium on the use of public space

> * outside in
> * emerging expressions, interventions and participation in public space
> * symposium to be held: August 28 & 29, 2003 in Göteborg, Sweden
> * workshop submission deadline: August 1, 2003
> * download the submission template at: www.outsidein.se
> In recent years, emerging technologies and policies have transformed notions
> of public space. Mobile phones, surveillance systems and electronic barriers
> affect how we spend our time, where we go and how we express ourselves. What
> are the new perceptions of our cities and public spaces? What are aesthetic,
> cultural and social implications? What is the impact on creative practices,
> technology development and civic stakeholders? What are the emerging tactics
> and processes for public engagement? What are the opportunities for
> expression, intervention and participation? 'outside in' is a forum for
> involving new voices, media and practices in a discourse about the use of
> public space.
> Over 2 days, 'outside in' will promote reflection, participation and action
> in public space. Featured will be major international voices in public art
> and graffiti, design and architecture, activism and urban planning, social
> sciences and politics. Combining presentations, panel discussions, and
> participatory workshops, symposium activities are intended to engage people
> from a wide variety of disciplines in sharing and creating together.
> Accepted submissions will be published in symposium proceedings and all
> attendees will contribute to a public exhibition during the symposium. We
> invite participation from designers, artists, musicians, sociologists,
> activists, theoreticians, policy-makers, community workers, educators Š and
> everyone concerned with access, design, and use of public space today!
> * Themes *
> Public Access
> - new medias and technologies for public use
> - public forums in virtual or digital realms
> - presence, access, and participation in new medias
> - local/global, public/private concerns
> - re-invention of geography, architecture & public space with new media
> Beyond Utility
> - design beyond efficiency
> - designing for new genres and modalities
> - open systems and adaptable products
> - designing for appropriation & sustainability
> - experimental design methods and processes
> Civic (mis)behaviors
> - new roles and voices in the public sphere
> - expression, community, and collectivism
> - emerging tactics, strategies & forms of authorship
> - stakeholders and coalitions in public projects
> - the front line between freedom and protection
> * Workshop Submissions *
> We invite submissions for participation in workshops! Workshops will be held
> for 4 hours over 2 days and will focus on the symposium themes from an
> interdisciplinary perspective.
> Submissions should include the following:
> * Name, Country, Affiliation (if applicable)
> * Contact email
> * Website address (if applicable)
> * 250-300 word statement of interest AND|OR media (we accept digital images,
> mp3s, and digital video submissions)
> Submissions Due: August 1, 2003
> Send by email to submit@outsidein.se
> * Organizers *
> 'outside in' is hosted by the PLAY studio of the Interactive Institute
> and will be held at Röda Sten in Göteborg, Sweden. Further information can
> be obtained at www.outsidein.se or through info@outsidein.se.
> The Interactive Institute is an innovation-oriented research organization
> investigating the impact of digital media for society, politics, industry
> and culture in the future. Comprised of several studios spread throughout
> Sweden, the Institute supports collaboration between art, technology,
> science and enterprise in the development of digital media concepts,
> products and entrepreneurship. The PLAY studio in Göteborg focuses on
> experimental design for everyday life with themes focusing particularly on
> textiles, game patterns and public space.
> * About Röda Sten *
> The goal of Project Röda Sten is to develop the surrounding area into a
> Nordic cultural center for art, theatre, music and dance and to hold
> international exhibitions of the highest caliber. Röda Sten is a cultural
> landmark that lies at the sea entrance of the city. Once housing a huge
> industrial boiler, Röda Sten is an exceptional center of the arts today.
> Inside Röda Sten, a dynamic space offers opportunities to create works of
> large scale while the outside of the building remains a free zone for the
> graffiti artists of Göteborg. This unconventional exhibition space sets the
> scene for daring, ground -breaking explorations to take place.
> Contact Röda Sten!
> phone +46 31120816
> e-mail info@rodasten.com

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