on Thu, 19 Jun 2003 00:02:26 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] tonight 9 pm: juniradiobar at bootlab (dj spooky,chicks on speed, twenfm & more)

(*) thursday night juniradio bar faq, 06-19-2003

+++ q: can i support juniradio 104.1 fm by coming to bootlab
+++ tonight, have some drinks, listen to their live program,
+++ enjoy some insanely great visuals, and even, if i behave
+++ properly, hang out in their studio?

+++ a: yes.

+++ q: and is it true the program will be dj spooky, a rare,
+++ (yet to be confirmed) battle between egill saebjoernsson
+++ and deborah schamoni - followed by a live show by chicks
+++ on speed, plus some of twenfm's finest djs?

+++ a: yes.

+++ q: so bootlab is ziegelstrasse 20 in mitte and the whole
+++ thing starts at 9 pm (21 uhr) and will be free?

+++ a: yes.

+++ q: oh, and just in case i tune in to 104.1 while getting
+++ dressed, from 8 to 9, is it sort of likely you'll have a
+++ lecture by kodwo eshun, broadcast live from london?

+++ a: yes.

(*) juniradio - 104.1 fm
     june 8 - june 30 '03

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