Zoran Petrovski on Thu, 2 Mar 2000 14:46:34 +0100

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Syndicate: Invitation

This is to invite Japanese syndicalists, and anyone that finds him/her self
in Tokyo to the exhibition titled RADIATION at the Japan Foundation Forum.

RADIATION is an exhibition by nine Macedonian artists showing installations,
photographs and
objects. Curated by Sonja Abadjieva, and organized by the Japan Foundation
and the Museum of Contemporary Art in
Skopje, the exhibition will be on show from 6th March through 4th April

address: Japan Foundation Forum
Akasaka Twin Tower 1F, 2-17-22 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo
t. 03-5562-3891

Opening reception on Monday, 6th March from 4.30 to 5.30 PM.

"(..) The works presented at this exhibition are the reflection of personal
traumas (memory inscriptions, reminiscences, dilemmas) with an overlapping
layer of the negative aspects of reality. Some artists register the shock of
their time through a deeply suppressed manuscript which is rather difficult
to read, "barricaded" in the virtues of artistic phenomenology, while others
do it with the explicitness of the referential images of reality. The
connecting threads, which aim to semantically soften these seemingly opposed
discourses, are the rays of the possible miracle, which is related to the
status of the myth of the sun in the Mediterranean, in the Balkans, in the
southern part of Europe where Macedonia is situated."

Participating artists: Elizabeta Avramovska; Mirna Arsovska; Iskra
Dimitrova; Blagoja Manevski; Antoni Maznevski; Monika Moteska; Stanko
Pavleski; Jovan Sumkovski; Zaneta Vangeli.


This is also to inform Swedish syndicalists that the exhibition of
photography by Milcho Manchevski, Macedonian director best known for his
Before the Rain film, and the installation "Night Vision" by Jovan
Sumkovski, was opened 22nd of January at the Stockholm's Skulpturens Hus,
and that it will be closed down on Sunday, 12th of March, 2000.

Zoran Petrovski

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