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Syndicate: Umelec 01/00

Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 14:10:16 +0100
From: vladan <>
Subject: Umelec 01/00


Beginning with this issue (01/00), Umelec magazine has introduced a new
bilingual format which may be of interest to you. The magazine covers a
broad range of topics and geographical regions, but its focus remains in
Central and Eastern Europe. 

The latest issue explores several social taboos, delving into the
unmentionables in an article by Otto M. Urban titled Anus et Animus.
News from the Romanian (Matei Bejenaru) and Estonian (Rael Artel) art
scene is well covered, as well as what is happening in the colds of
Siberia. Robert Fleck, the head of the Fine Arts Academy in Nantes,
France, calls for a boycott of Austrian cultural institutions, while
Danny Holman illustrates the David and Goliath battles waging on the
internet in Net.Wars. The magazine is fleshed out with two in depth
articles about two very unusual people. Keiko Sei attempts to shed some
light on the shunned and mysterious life of Nikola Tesla as Karel Thein
reveals Douglas Gordon and what is happening in the "terrible state" of
the world.

Other articles include an interview with Helaine Posner, Fast >> Forward
(New Chinese Video), Arco Madrid, Carnegie International, Get Together
Kunst als Teamwork Vienna, Japanese Doll Boom (Gentaro Araki), The
National Gallery Prague - Redesigning the Exposition (interview with
general director Milan Knizak), and the New Faces section introduces
Juraj Dudas, Juraj Horvath.

Reviews: 60s experimental art at the Prague City Gallery; Petr Nikl at
the Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague; Catherine Yass at the BC Window Gallery,
Prague; Jane and Louise Wilson at the Serpintine, London; Andrea Robbins
and Max Becher at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York; Robert
Horvitz at Manes, Prague; a review on books about Ilya Kabakov.

We are now working on a new, bi-lingual on-line version of the magazine
and articles will appear sometime next week. We welcome any comments at Hope to hear from you.

Further info at

Umelec editors

Vladan Sir
Umelec Magazine

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