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Syndicate: Call: Timing Art - Filtering Art, April 7 - 9, 2000, Bucharest, Romania

Call for Papers

Timing Art - Filtering Art
Dynamics of time and artistic sense
Handicaps in relating old and new media forms of art.
The theory of long periods in history and art.

April 7 - 9, 2000, Bucharest, Romania

The University of Arts Bucharest and the International Center for
Contemporary Art invites submission for the second seminar organized in the
frame of the project: "Reflection of social problems in art and media, after
1989, in Eastern - Central Europe".

The seminar is organized with the support of SCCA Network Program, European
Cultural Foundation, French Institute, Goethe Institute.

This seminar will focus on the shifting of artistic sense between art and
life spheres of contemporary society. The aim is to emphasize the relation
between new and old media and the influence of the new informational space
on traditional values of culture, society, economics and politics.

The structure of the seminar is:

1. Curatorial experience in dealing with border domains (photography,
archiving, recycling of social-cultural information) and with cross border

2. Artistic experience within the dynamic of old and new media and the
theory of long periods in history and art. New media as tools, as branding
elements, as carriers of tactical messages. Is there really anything new
about new media?

3. Management of the information. How to develop new strategies in the
neo-liberal context of the art environment.

Please confirm your participation and the topic of your presentation no
later than March 10, 2000.

For further information please contact:

University of Arts, Bucharest
tel: (40.1) 310.3977 fax: (40.1) 312. 5429

Roxana Trestioreanu, Head of the International Relation Department
Iosif Kiraly, Associate Professor, Photo Video Department (

International Center for Contemporary Art
Irina Cios, Director (
tel/fax: (40.1) 210.3070; (40.1) 210.7777

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