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Syndicate: YUSTAT conference: The Balkan City, Belgrade Sept. 2000

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 01:57:23 +0100
From: YUSTAT <yustat@EUnet.yu>

YUSTAT, Yugoslav Performing Arts Association, is currently preparing its
main project for 2000, the 3rd Biennial of Stage Design, and the third
international conference from the series Spectacle-City-Identity, titled

The Balkan City - Stage for the End of the XX Century. As part of the
programme of the 3rd Biennial of Stage Design, the Conference will be
held from 14 to 16 September 2000, in the Atelje 212 Theatre in

You will note that the Conference is almost entirely dedicated to the
region of the Balkans, its current situation and prospectives of
overcoming the present state of anxiety, claustrophobia and conflicts in
this region.
Through all its projects, YUSTAT is permanently trying to demonstrate
ways and means of creating and pursuing new, open and independent ways
of professional co-operation in the field of performing arts, technology
and urban culture in general, in spite of the unfavourable political
situation in our region.

YUSTAT is a non-governmental, independent professional institution
founded in 1992, since then operating in conditions of permanent
political and economic crisis. Yet, we are convinced that amount and
quality of our work realised in last seven years, deserves to be
continued, improved and further developed. It is very much obvious that
politics does not have answers for the present crisis in our region. If
we, as professionals or simply citizens, do not work very hard to
improve the present condition by means available to us, we can not hope
for true changes. And our country and the whole region do need them, in
all aspects of life.

3rd  International Multi-Disciplinary Conference

Belgrade, 14 to 16 September 2000

  YUSTAT, the Yugoslav Performing Arts Association, is for
the third time producing and hosting an international, multi-
disciplinary conference from the series "Spectacle - City -
Identity". The conference, entitled The Balkan City - Stage
for the End of the XX Century addresses theatre makers
and experts in the fields of culture, fine arts, architecture
and urban planning, sociology and history, ethnology and
contemporary technologies - addresses everyone concerned,
professionally as well as personally, with the cultural issues
of urban areas of the Balkans and current events
in this region.
   Contemporary urban life; urbanization of a performance
and theatralization of a city; performance as an artistic act
and performance as a form of social catharsis, were the
central topics of the previous YUSTAT conferences:
Spectacle - City - Identity, in 1996 and Streets and Squares
as Performing Areas, in 1998.The Third conference will
examine what is distinctive and significant for the region that
happens to be our destiny - the Balkans and the
immediate surroundings.
   Viewed from the perspective of political, economic, social
and cultural circumstances, in which the countries of the
Balkans and Southeast Europe have been experiencing
transformations in recent decades, certain issues of the
earlier YUSTAT conferences are growing in importance,
and sometimes acquire paradigmatic values.

  Demolition of cities and urban structure of the Balkans,
physical as well as spiritual, on one hand, and careful,
creative exploring of deeply rooted traditional values in
the Balkan countries, on the other, are simultaneous and
inevitable forces which bring up the questions of existence
and reality, collective guilt and individual apologies,
meaning of the arts and creation in general, attitude
toward the cultural inheritance (especially the legacy of the
XX century), as well as indication or rather anticipation of
possible new ways.
   With regard to theatrical and cultural aspects of the
Balkan cities, central topics of the conference will be:
transformations in urban systems of the Balkan cities;
attitude toward ownership; political and commercial
influence on public urban space and public events; private
initiative vs. privatization and usurpation of public space;
cities - theatres and cities - arenas; artistic, sports, social,
religious and political rituals; "Balkan" and "balkanisation"
as stereotypes vs. "Europe", globalization and democratic
changes, local atavisms vs. aspirations for novelty; position
and prospective of new and small towns in the Balkans:
their identity and identification etc.
   Examples from different countries, whose values can be
relevant for a general insight into the basic issues, or
inspiring for new interpretation and application, will be
explored and presented as part of the subsidiary
programme of the Conference, in form of special lectures,
exhibitions, performances, presentations etc.

How to apply

If you are interested in submitting a paper for the official
Conference programme, please send a completed
application form and enclose the following documents:

Abstract, limited to 200 words
Curriculum Vitae, up to 20 lines
The submitted material, both in Serbian and English, will
be accepted, followed by mandatory version in electronic
form (sent by e-mail or as a download on computer
diskette - MS Word Document).

The subsidiary programme of the Conference is open
to works in various media (video form, installations,
performances, artworks, publications, etc...), to be
submitted in appropriate form.

Your application for participation in the Conference and the
subsidiary programmes will not be processed unless
received by May 1, 2000.

Further information will be forwarded to those selected
for the Conference before June 1, 2000.

Your official paper entitles you to free admission to the

VHS video projector, slide projector, overhead projector,
epidiascope and monitors will be provided.

Please note that additional technical support should be
requested separately.

Both Serbian and English will be the official languages.

Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Please send your application to the address below:

Conference 2000
Irena Sentevska
Programme Coordinator
Dositejeva 20/I
11000 Belgrade

1st International Multi-Disciplinary Conference
29 February - 2 March 1996, Belgrade

The Conference programme was divided into three sections,
covering the following subject areas:

a) Urban space as open stage
b) Spectacle and urban identity
c) Acting space and new technologies of spectacle

Experts from USA, Italy, Korea, Macedonia, Russia,
Finland and Yugoslavia presented 43 papers in the
fields of cultural studies, urban design and architecture,
theatre studies, urban aesthetics, sociology and
psychology, theatre technology etc.

The subsidiary programme of the Conference presented
exhibitions: "New Theatre Areas", "Mala Stanica, theatre
centre in Skopje" and the exhibition of entries to the
architectural student competition "Urban Space as
Open Stage".

2nd International Multi-Disciplinary Conference
23 - 25 October 1997, Belgrade

The Conference programme was focused on two basic

1. Street and Square Performance (art projects; promotional
    projects; spontaneous events),
2. Theatricality of Streets and Squares (theatricality of the
    existing urban environments; designed theatricality of
    streets and squares; spontaneous and temporary urban

The Conference Streets and Squares as Performing Areas
was aimed at methodical research on the phenomena of
City and Performance, through the areas of urbanity, public
events, theatre and new technologies etc. Main programme
consisted of the series of lectures presented by 33 speakers
from France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Denmark,
Germany, Canada, USA, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Greece,
Poland and Yugoslavia.
Subsidiary programme presented exhibitions "Festival
Chalon dans la Rue", "Valon Voimat - Festival of Light in
Helsinki" and "Belgrade as a Stage", exhibition of the entries
to the students competition "Streets as Performing Space"
and performance-installation "Urban Ghosts".

Tel/Fax: +381 11 620 415, 631 928
E-mail: yustat@EUnet.yu

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