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Syndicate: Call: 10th Anniversary of ISEA



Founded in the Netherlands in 1990 and based in Montreal  (Canada) since 1996, ISEA/Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts is an international non-profit member organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the electronic arts. ISEA is commited to the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural communication/ cooperation between the arts and the fields of technology, science, education and industry. ISEA's activities include: organizing international symposia and local events, developping partnerships, implementing culturally diverse initiatives, publishing, and archiving.

ISEA Symposia have taken place in the following cities:

1. Utrecht, Netherlands (FISEA, 1988)
2. Groningen, Netherlands (SISEA, 1990)
3. Sydney, Australia (TISEA, 1992)
4. Minneapolis, USA (FISEA, 1993)
5. Helsinki, Finland (ISEA 94)
6. Montreal, Canada (ISEA 95)
7. Rotterdam, Netherlands (ISEA 96)
8. Chicago, USA (ISEA 97)
9. Liverpool & Manchester, UK (ISEA 98)
10. Paris, France (ISEA 2000) - 10th edition

Beyond the hype of Y2K and millennial brouhaha, 2000 is a huge year for ISEA, and will usher in the 10th anniversary of the Inter-Society, as well as  the 10th edition of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2000) organized by Art3000 and slated to take place December 7-10, 2000 in Paris, France.  

Both the Symposium and the Inter-Society are, at heart, about the countless people who have enlived them over the course of the last decade. The history of the last ten years of ISEA and the electronic arts is YOUR history. That's why ISEA HQ is inviting its members, former Symposium participants and hosts to join us in marking our 10th anniversary and the 10th International Symposium on Electronic Art. You can be apart of these celebratory activities in the following ways:


Was your artwork included in an ISEA Symposium? Send us a copy of the work, or a copy in video, slide, audio, digital image, or web site format for the ISEA Archives, and be included in an expanding and impressive Archival Collection which will be a key research tool for art historians, critics, researchers, curators, and artists.

Do you have anecdotes or photographs from the last 9 ISEA Symposia? Do you recall anything outrageous, inspiring, controversial? Do you remember the first time you participated in an ISEA Symposium? Did it change your perception of art, science, new media, the creative process? How have the electronic arts changed over the years? Where have we been and where are we going?

A 10th Anniversary CD-ROM and website launched during ISEA2000 in December will present the complete proceedings and highlights from the last 9 ISEA Symposia, as well as open up an interactive space on-line for recalling the last decade of ISEA and the electronic arts (chat rooms, interviews, web events, etc). Selected material from the ISEA Archives may be included in the 10th Anniversary Project.

Send us your materials, texts and comments! We look forward to reminiscing and looking back at our rich collective history.


ISEA invites its members and the international electronic arts community to participate in the ISEA 10th Anniversary Logo Competition. The top 5 finalists will receive one year's free membership to ISEA, and the winning designer will be awarded a free pass to ISEA2000, which will take place in Paris, France December 7-11, 2000 (travel and accomodation during the event not included). The logo will be used on all 10th Anniversary  celebration material (website, CD-ROM, etc.).


Please send all submissions to ISEA HQ no later than March 31, 2000.

1. Archival Material
Please clearly mark Symposium artworks/documentation with your full name, full postal address, email, URL, abstract, and bio as well as the YEAR and SYMPOSIUM in which they were presented. 

2. Anniversary Texts
Please send any articles, retrospectives, reviews, or profiles as a Word file attachment, scanned version of original tear sheet, photocopy, etc.

3. Logo Competition
Send your logo in any high resolution (300dpi) image format by disk or email attachment.

Send to:

ISEA (Archives Project)
3530 boul. St-Laurent, #305
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2V1

More information on the Inter-Society, past Symposia, or how to become an ISEA Member:

More information on ISEA2000, 10th International Symposium on Electronic Art:

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