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Syndicate: Fw: lOOp de Makoto Yoshihara

From: "teleferique" <>
Subject: lOOp de Makoto Yoshihara
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 16:16:43 +0200 est un site de telechargement artistique, une =
plate-forme de diffusion de fichiers et programmes informatiques pour PC =
et/ou MAC. La diffusion de t=E9l=E9f=E9rique se r=E9sume en 2 =
activit=E9s : "on line" par son site Internet et "off line" par ses =
demos dans des espaces physiques (vid=E9oprojections, interfaces, objets =

*lOOp =
*manuel francais =
*manuel japonais =


"lOOp" by Makoto Yoshihara
( sound program for Mac )
is available on Teleferique
the french manual*=20
the japanese one*=20 is a downloading site, a distribution space =
for multimedia files and computer programs (PC and/or MAC). Most of =
those freeware or shareware works aren't usable online, they are to be =
downloaded and installed at home. We collaborate with multimedia artists =
and programmers. T=E9l=E9f=E9rique has two diffusion activities : =
Internet publishing with file repository, and live events with =
videoprojections that take place in art-spaces.
*lOOp =
*manuel francais =
*manuel japonais =

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