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Syndicate: dessau

Dear Syndicalists

Dessau is maybe known to a lots of Syndicalists through the
ostranenie-festival that took place at the Bauhaus 1993-1999.
On wednesday, june 14th, Alberto Adriano a 39-old man from Mosambique
died in Dessau. Three days before he was violently beaten by two Germans
(16 and 24 years old) until he fell into koma. The two Germans are
nazis, known for theire rasist activities.

This all happened in a climate of the dayly racism that exists in
germany and is not only caused by nazis but also accepted within large
fields of the society. The rightwing-party "DVU" has got 12,9% during
the last elections in this area.

After the death of Alberto Adriano the refugees who are still in the
process to get asylum asked the officials for permission to leave dessau
for security reasons. This was denied by the authorities. Meanwhile
Veloso Augustino, a friend of Alberto Adriano was attacked by nazis,
when he walked through the city center.

more infos may be found at in german language (try
search: "dessau").


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