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V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02

- Introduction
- the Syndicate list
- Syndicate / V2_East
- Syndicate meetings
- FAQs
- Dates of upcoming events
- Institutions
- Stop Press
- Subscription

* Introduction *

This is the second Syndicate Newsletter (the slight delay was caused by
snail mail-commercial provider interference...). In the first sections
there is some information about how the list/network is taking shape. Some
people have submitted information for distribution through this channel,
and we want to invite everybody to do the same - either by posting stuff
directly to <>, or for inclusion in the next newsletter (no
later than end March 96, but earlier if a lot of material comes in) to
<>. Any information that is of interest to the media art
community in East and West Europe, from the dates of your forth-coming
events to strategies for winning sponsors and grants, is welcome. Also, the
submission of your own FAQs (Frequently asked questions) would be useful.
(cf below)
The V2_EAST WEBSITE where all this and more information will be collected
for reference is under construction.
Please, invite other people who might be interested in the Syndicate to
subscribe to the list. (subscription info below)
Best wishes, and see you soon,
Andreas Broeckmann (V2_East)

* the Syndicate list *

<> is the address of a mailing list which is dedicated to
an exchange of information and ideas relating to the situation and future
development of electronic and media art in Eastern Europe. The list members
include artists, curators, networkers, writers, festival organisers, etc.,
from East as well as West European countries and beyond, who, through the
'Syndicate', are trying to improve the communication and cooperation
between artists and organisations in East and West, and between East and
East. The list was first installed following the initial meeting of the
V2_East initiative at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam on January 21, 1996, at
the end of the second Next 5 Minutes conference.

* Syndicate / V2_East *

Just for terminological clarification: the Syndicate is the group
subscribed to this list, and people who are part of our growing network for
East/West European electronic and media art. The Syndicate is a tool
through which each of us can find information about and cooperation
partners for future and past projects. At present, we don't want to turn
the Syndicate into a legal body which could, for instance, attract and
distribute funds - there is no administrative structure to do this, and it
is really something that should be up to the individual projects that use
the Syndicate as a spring-board.
V2_East is the initiative of V2_Organisation Rotterdam which has initiated
the formation of the Syndicate network, and which in the future will use
the network, like other syndicalists, for developing projects with East
European partners.

* Syndicate meetings *

The following three events have been earmarked for meetings of the Syndicate:
- Ars Electronica, Linz/A, 2 - 7 September 1996 (general meeting)
- DEAF/ISEA96, Rotterdam/NL, 16 - 20 September 1996 (special meeting about
archives and documentation of electronic and media art in East Europe)
- Medienbiennale Leipzig/D, June 1997
It is currently being discussed how these meetings should be prepared, and
how we can attract some money for travel costs, etc.. Further suggestions
are welcome.

* Frequently Asked Questions *

We have been getting requests for helping East European artists in setting
up media studios, installing internet servers, creating websites, finding
the right hardware, etc. We also all know the problem of finding the right
funds for the projects we want to do.
That's why we want to draw up an inventory of problems and questions that
frequently arise, and pool these questions, so that we can find the best
answers by exchanging ideas and experiences.
Here are a few examples:
- What are the basic technical and financial requirements for setting up an
internet server?
- Are there efficient ways of channelling 2nd hand hardware from the West
into East Europe?
- Where can one find (and use) extensive archives of catalogues, journals,
books, reviews, etc., relating to media art?
- What are the best ways of staying up-to-date with what happens in media
art, both in terms of the artistic and the theoretical development?

Please, submit your own questions to <>, using 'FAQ' in the

* Dates of (some) upcoming events (info below)*

- April 1996 (26-30) World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag/NL
- May 1996 (2-5) WRO96, Wroclaw/PL
- June 1996 (6-9) 5Cyberconf, Madrid/ES
- September 1996 (2-7) Ars Electronica Festival, Linz/AT
- September 1996 (4-8) Film-Video-Forum/Passagen, Freiburg/DE
- September 1996 (5-9) Cluster Images, Werkleitz/DE
- September 1996 (11-15) European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck/DE
- September 1996 (16-20) Inter-Society of Electronic Arts, 7th Conf.,
- September 1996 (16-20) Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam/NL
- October 1996 (11-13) Metaforum 3, Budapest/HU
- February 1997 (10-14) WSCG'97, Plzen/CZ
- April-May 1997 WRO 97, Wroclaw/PL
- June 1997 - Medienbiennale, Leipzig/DE

* 14th World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands
26 - 30 April 1996
Festival of media art, including installations, video, CD ROM, internet
projects, performances, lectures. (Exhibition of installations, video and
CD ROM in the Haags Gemeentemuseum open till 2 June 1996.)
more information:
WORLD WIDE VIDEO FESTIVAL - Antoinette te Paske, Sonja van der Burg
Spui 189, NL-2511 BN Den Haag
tel: 31(0)70 3644 805, fax: 31(0)70 3614 448
e-mail <>

* WRO, Monitor Polski 96, Wroclaw, Poland
2 - 5 May 1996
Polish new media art presentation, video art, installations, performances,
live-broadcast events, seminars.
"A unique opportunity for the organisers and curators of international art
events and institutions to become acquainted with the broadest nation-wide
presentation of Polish contemporary media art."
Open Studio/WRO, Piotr Krajewski
PO Box 1385, PL-54-137 Wroclaw 16, tel/fax +48-71-448369

* 5Cyberconf: 5th international conference on Cyberspace, Madrid, Spain
6 - 9 June 1996
A large forum for the presentation and discussion of the 'state of the arts'