nina czegledy on Sat, 2 Mar 1996 15:25:29 -0500

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Hello hello from snowbound Toronto,

The following info from InterActive96 (Toronto) might be of interest to
McIntosh users:
Paul Wollaston of Apple International told me about the establishment of
Apple Studios worldwide. The preliminary pilot work was done through the
studios of Peter Gabriel in England and The American Film Institute in the
"We are looking now for studios offering training for artists and the
general public.The concept is not so much on physical resources or location
but often on extisting studios which use Apple technology. (Can it be also
mobile?) Absolutely. We will be publicizing the Apple Studio concept in the
next few months. They will be all interlinked and will be able to share
info with other Apple Studios."
One of the intentions of Apple is to use these "Centers of Excellence" to
break into markets where they do not have yet big retail representation,
such as Central and East Europe.
To receive further info stay in touch through Internet Home Pages of Apple
or inquire at local Apple Centers.

More to come - greetings to all nina