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anff centre residencies

Hello to everybody from slowly warming Toronto,

Info on the thematic- self-directedf residencies at Banff Centre, Canad:

For those of you who are not familiar with Canadian geography, the Centre
is located in the Banff National Park,in the foothills of the Rocky
Mountains,100 km north of Calgary. The interdisciplinary programs include
visual arts, photography, ceramics,video and television production,
computer based art, theatre, music etc.

While the Banff Centre for the Arts (Alberta Canada) continues with
workshop and seminar programs you might be interested in the following
information from Sara Diamond, director of the Visual and Media Arts

"We will have exciting thematic residencies this year. These will focus on
Pop, Mass and Subculture, through the Web, new technologies, and will
explore both the practice and theory of this subject. It can be anything
from traditional visual art to video to television to digital
photography.The philosophy is to  maintain a relationship between social
and artistic practice. The residency is also about transition in various
cultures such as the postcommunist states. The effects leading up to the
cultural, social and economic changes. What happens to the representational
systems? Counter culture, pop culture, subcultures? We need Eastern
European participation."

The Banff Centre offers some financial support, however the applicant will
have to raise travel costs and partial costs of the residency.

Applications: Office of the Registrar, The Banff Centre for the Arts,
Box 1020, Station 28, 107 Tunnel Mountain Drive, Banff, Alberta, Canada TOL OCO
Fax 403-762-6345

Check out the website:  -