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Heaven's Letters

Hans D. Christ from Dortmund writes:
>Heaven's Letter / Himmlische Briefe
>An art project of Gloria Posada (Colombia) within the context of the exhibition
>Inside out -  Outside in
>16.8. - 15.9.1996, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, curated by Iris Dressler and
>"The cloud that your eyes behold become the rain my lips will drink"
>Every city has its own sky that belongs to everybody and nobody. The
>project "Heaven's letter / Himmlische Briefe" invites all interested
>persons to participate in the creation of a common heaven. That means that
>everybody, wherever he will be on this planet, is asked to take a photo of
>"his" heaven.
>You like to attend this project ? Your photos are wellcome. You have to be
>neither an artist nor a professional photographer. The only conditions are:
>Take the photo of the sky without using a flash light and without picturing
>buildings, trees, electrical wires, etc. - only the pure sky.
>Send your photo (colour, negative or print, 50 x 70 cm) until the first of
>august to Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Gloria Posada. Don't forget to add the
>following informations: hour, date and where the photo was made.
>All submitted photos will be presented at the exhibition " Inside out -
>Outside in" as a part of Gloria Posada's instalation "Heaven's letter
>/Himmlische Briefe" that is a huge photo montage at the ceiling of the
>Künstlerhaus. Beneath the "sky " you will find the coordinates of the city
>of Dortmund as starting and collecting point of "Heaven's letter /
>Himmlische Briefe".
>The letters of all participants will be stored in a glass box and exhibited
>as well. Furthermore, the names of all "photographers" will be mentioned in
>the exhibition and in its catalogue. Finally they receive a certficate for
>attending "Heaven's letter / Himmlische Briefe".
>The submitted negatives and photos will rest in the property of the artist,
>who builds up an archive out of them. The background: "Heaven's letter /
>Himmlische Briefe" is a work in progress.
>The project "Heaven's letter / Himmlische Briefe" continues after its
>Dortmund presentation at Colombia . If you hear about it after august the
>first, you can also send your photo to Colombia. At the beginning of
>october, they will be shown together with the photos of the Dortmund
>exhibition at Bogotá, Museo de Arte Moderno.
>Join it, communicate it, send a part of your heaven !
>Untill  1. 8.1996 (postmark) to: Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Gloria Posada,
>Sunderweg 1, D - 44147 Dortmund
>then: Gloria Posada, Carrera 42 No. 43-52 or AA 52471, Medellín, Kolumbien
>Künstlerhaus Dortmund
>Sunderweg 1
>44147 Dortmund
>Tel: +49 (0) 231 - 82 31 06
>Fax: - - 82 68 47

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