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Radio Art Festival (fwd)

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>Date: 16 Jul 1996 14:42:11 GMT
>From: Neil A. Wiernik <>
>Subject: Radio Art Festival
>The Sonic Circuits Music Festival of Toronto, Temporary Nice Place and CIUT
>89.5 FM Presents:
>Short Circuits:
>A Festival of Radiophonic Interruptions.
>As part of the programming for "The Sonic Circuits Music Festival of
>Toronto", CIUT 89.5 FM will be hosting "Short Circuits", A 14 day on-air
>exhibition of radio art to be programmed as a series of three minute or less
>interruptions to the regular daily programming.
>We are currently seeking radiophonic submissions for our September 2, 1996
>to litter the air waves of Toronto (Canada) during the late fall of 1996.
>Submissions should be no longer then three minutes in length, on cassette
>tape or compact disk only (other formats will not be accepted). Please
>include an artist statement as well as a recent C.V./ biography. Space is
>limited so only one work per artist will be accepted. Please do not send
>master recordings, submissions can not be returned, but will become part of
>an audio/ radio art archive for future programming of this sort.
>Send all submissions/ inquires to; Short Circuits c/o Neil Wiernik, 115 Major
>Street, Toronto Ontario, M5S 2K9, Canada.
>For quickly answered questions;
>The Sonic Circuits Music Festival of Toronto is Presented in association with
>The Canadian Electroacoustic Community, The Music Gallery, Inter/Access,
>Toronto Electro Acoustics, The Canadian Electronic Ensemble CIUT 89.5 FM and
>The American Composers Forum.