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>From: (Isabelle CHEMIN)
>Subject: C O N T I G U I T E
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>       C O N T I G U I T E
>        an event on the alliance of ART - SCIENCE - TECHNOLOGY in the 
>celebration of " La Science en Fete " in Caen, Basse-Normandy, France
>        By demand of the head organization of the 6th " La Science en Fete " 
>the Frac Basse Normandie, Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporaine de 
>Basse-Normandie in collaboration with the artists group DAS SYNTHETISCHE 
>MISCHGEWEBE is going to held the organization of conferences, exposition and 
>performance that focus on the interdisciplinary, collaborative relationship 
>of the arts and sciences with the increasing application of electronic 
>technologies and medias.
>" La science en Fete " is a nation wide, always growing event that this year 
>will be celebrated at the weekend of the 11th to 13th october '96. Many 
>organizations, companies and associations will present their activities and 
>open their doors for the visit of a general public. In each region a 
>committee chooses one or several themes that will receive greater attention 
>in the publicity and the localities of the organisation. Most participants 
>work voluntary on no or little budget, but the success of the last years 
>keeps people more than enthusiastic. Most of the budget is going into the 
>organization infrastructure and the publicity and in the last years many 
>million people visited the different events and participated to the growing 
>popularity of the celebration of the sciences all over France.
>	In the building of the Frac and in the Student Culture House the 
>expositions, conferences and performances of the C O N T I G U I T E event 
>will take place.
>        We will furthermore collaborate with the organization C.A.E.N. 
>Centre des Arts et des Ecrans Numeriques, the Technopole Caen and the 
>M.R.S.H. Maison de Recherche en Sciences Humaines as well as with Trance 
>Femel Co/STATION MIR in relation with the local cable TV stations of  
>	For the exposition we are searching internationaly for Videos, CD-Roms, 
>adresses of appropriate WWW - .http - sites that focus on the collaboration 
>of the arts, sciences and electronic technology and media. This works will 
>be accessible to the public and might, with your agreement be disposed in 
>the Frac's bookshop also beyond the duration of the event. The Technopole 
>Caen has given permission to access to their WWW - server and we will 
>present a catalog on the net with extracts of the works of the participants. 
>This site will be accessible for much longer than the date of the event and 
>might be used and modified with the occasions of future events. With 
>approximative 5 Computers we will give access to CD-Rom's and with 3 to the 
>World Wide Web.
>Approximative 4 -5 conferences will be held in the Student Culture House at 
>saturday by Louis Bec (artist), Jake (artist), Alain Despres (scientist) and 
>the association C.A.E.N. that will also expose their projects in the foyer. 
>Das Synthetische Mischgewebe will perform repeatedly a first version of 
>their new project in the buildings theatre space and will show videos and 
>photographies of former works.
>        All items given to the exposition will be send back. With your 
>agreement they can be disposed for a given time in the bookshop of the Frac 
>(see form). If they should not be sold in the time given they will be send 
>back. Extracts will be used with your agreement in the WWW - .http page, in 
>press releases and in TV features. You will receive documentations of all 
>publicity concerning the C O N T I G U I T E event.
>        If you wish to participate, send your material with the filled form 
>before the 14th september '96 (except for WWW adresses that can be accepted 
>just till the 8th october '96) to the Frac Basse-Normandie   9, rue 
>Vaubenard,   14 000Caen,   Tel. : 31 93 09 00   Fax. : 31 95 54 26. Note: C 
>O N T I G U I T E. If you are going forward the deadline, you maybe should 
>inform us beforehand on your participation.
>        Only for rapidly to respond question please contact: DAS 
>SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE  (Isabelle Chemin and Guido Hübner) by email: 
>and please note our new adresse:  43, Quai Juillet, 14 000 Caen   Tel./fax: 
>31 82 93 16
>FORM  - Certification of  loan
>Name of the borrower : Frac Basse-Normandie
>9 rue Vaubenard, 14000 Caen
>Tel : / Fax :
>Name of the lender : 
>Adress : 
>Tel. / Fax :
>Email : 
>Object of  loan : CD-ROM, Video, other
>Author of  the oeuvre : 
>Title & Date : 
>Lend for the manifestation  C O N T I G U I T E  11,12 & 13 octobre 96
>The author gives his authorization to the organization of the manifestation  
>C O N T I G U I T E  to use extracts of the above registrated oeuvre in 
>adverts and publicity of the manifestation in cable TV, the WWW site and the 
>printed press and programs.
>Signature (and stamp) of the lender
>FORM  - CONTRACT for commission in the bookshop of the FRAC
>between :
>the FRAC Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie in Caen (FRANCE)
>Documentation - Bookshop : Marylene DAGUSE-GODIN
>and : 
>Name of the responsable : 	
>adress : 	
>Tel/Fax : 	
>Email : 	
>Object : 
>Number of exemplaires : 
>Conditions of the commission of the oeuvre in the bookshop of the Frac 
>Basse-Normandie : 
>	- Costs of transport are in charge of the Frac Basse-Normandie,
>	  they will be included in the calculation of the sales price and settled 
>with the payment.
>	- Return of unsold oeuvres is in charge of the Frac
>	- Duration of commission min. 6 moth, extendable
>	- Payments and returns are done at the half and/or end of the calendar year
>	the Author 	the Frac Basse-Normandie
>	Date	Date
>Exemplaires have to be signed and send to the Frac Basse-Normandie
>(Les Trames Synthetiques Melangees)
>Groupe de Recherches Artistiques
>Arts- Sciences - Technologies
>43,quai de juillet
>14000 CAEN
>Tel/Fax: 33-31 82 93 16