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DIGITALE '96, Cologne/D, 18-20 September

Symposium and Exhibition

>From calculating slave and text servant to magician's trainee, the computer
has rapidly been developed over the past 40 years. During its career, not
only it has changed the office routine in the industrial nations but also
the fantastic world of the cinema. Together with filmmakers, musicians and
managers, the DIGITALE '96 analyses the relationship between computer and
film. The basis for the cinematographic and musical excursions in the past
and future of the film is the idea that this tricky machine called computer
at first has to be formed by artists and pioneers of visualization before
positive results can be realized financially.

The DIGITALE '96 is a meeting of filmmakers, musicians and artists working
and investigating at the boundaries of two worlds: the digital world of
computer and the world of the cinema, the deceptive moving image.
Meeting means, that the DIGITALE '96 represents an alternative to the
numerous film festivals as it focusses project descriptions, research work
and presentations allowing the public to particitpate actively. The invited
referees and artists of the DIGITALE '96 can be interviewed immediately as
far as their films, work and the animated moving images is concerned.

Distortion hereby means that with growing digitalization, the usual visual
and acoustic habits become imperceptibly distorted. A nice, proper and
smooth surface is created which makes one forget that man-machines are
incessantly working in order to avoid that even the smallest or unforseen
fault can deceive the appearance of this surface. Mainly sceptical guests
are invited thrilled and challenged by computers and devices for their
defying harmless and pleasing effects.

The DIGITALE '96 includes three events: symposium, exhibition and film
presentations in the evenings. Each of the events is open for an interested
public and offers the possibility of an exchange of views between artists
and public. Furthermore, the DIGITALE '96 will be represented with texts in
the world wide web. An anthology is designed introducing the makers who
have worked in the past and will be working in the future on the boundaries
between computer devices and film deceptions.
(from mid-August on: http:/

18 - 20th September 1996 / Cinemathek Cologne / 14.00 - 18.00 h

On three days the guests of the DIGITALE '96 meet at Cinemathek Cologne and
present works on the main subjects such as digital film music, image
composition and processing and economic strategies.

18th September 1996:
DIGITAL HINGES- The relationship between music and film. Following an
introduction to the history of computer music, musicians will report on
their co-operation with filmmakers and demonstrate how the music designed
by machines contributes to the distortion of acoustic habits.

19th September 1996
NATURE - Production and reproduction on screens. If nature is to be shown
in moving images, various machines to deceive exist which are to be
compared on this day. Examples, from classic to digital film, on how
machines can change the view on nature will be presented.

20th September 1996
DIGITAL WORKSTATIONS. Smaller companies working in the field of research
and development of computer animated images are absorbed and bought up by
huge companies. Founders of companies from Europe and the U.S.A. will
present strategies, i.e. how to deal with these Goliaths without being
crushed. Their development and chances in the film industry will be
presented and discussed in short lectures.

The SYMPOSIUM is held daily from 14.00 - 18.00 h.
The entrance is free, however, for reasons of space, visitors are requested
to book in advance.
The meetings will be complemented with film presentations in the evening.
On 18th and 19th September 1996, the evenig events take place at
Cinemathek, tickets are 8,--DM.
With the final event the wheel comes full circle: event and performance -
the digital hinge between music and film is audio-visually perceptible.

18th - 23rd September 1996 / photokina, Cologne Fairgrounds/Deutz, hall 14.1

At the exhibition integrated in photokina, the DIGITALE '96 gives a general
idea of the works created and designed at international art colleges. Sound
wheels, treasuries with hidden gems of images as well as power stations
emitting techno images, sound and moving pictures can be seen and heard.

In co-operation with photokina, the DIGITALE invests in the future of the
moving images. In the exhibition, young artists who have been working at
digital academies in the U.S.A., Japan and Europe illustrate the movements
of filmic images and music.
The visitor can gain on overview of the film-making's future and an insight
into the work of the next digital generation.

Objects, installations, CD-Roms, www-projects, photographies and images can
be seen. The common, distorted image of the media artist is corrected by
works drawing on the sly and nearly naturally surprising things emitted by
digital control boxes.

The DIGITALE '96 is organized by the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne for the
Ministry of Economy, Middle Classes, Technology and Transport of
North-Rhine-Westphalia. The exhibition of the DIGITALE '96 is realized in
co-operation with photokina.

Concept and realization:                        Nils Röller and
                                                Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski
Exhibition:                                     Anna Bohrmann
Coordination/office:                            Evelyn Mund
Organization & Public Relation:                 Ulrike Erbsloeh, ProEvent

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