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Syndicate: LEAF update & Syndicate meeting

Dear Syndicalists,

below you find the updated LEAF Timetable. Unfortunately, there are still
quite a number of unconfirmed names, due to the fact that one large grant
application fell through. Iliyana hopes that by next week they will get
lesser and lesser.

We are going to hold an internal Syndicate meeting on Sunday 13th,
19.00hrs, at METZ, where there is a nice lounge for us to stay in after the
complimentary drinks that Iliyana has arranged. We can enjoy talking,
drinking and even having
some excellent East-Europoean meals of which METZ is proud.

During the last two meetings it turned out that these sessions are
particularly important for drawing ideas together, formulating projects and
making plans together. If you can, please, make sure that you are going to
be around for this.

Illie & Andreas


as of 20.03.1997

Saturday Session
April 12 1997


10:15           Introduction: iliyana nedkova/andreas broeckmann/lisa haskel
10:30           vuc cosic/marko pelijhan (tbc)
10:45           alexei shulgin
11:00           edi muka (tbc)

11:15   Discussions and Coffee break

11:30           marina grzinic (tbc)
11:45           inke arns
12:00           eric kluitenberg
12:15           rasa smite/raitis smite/janis garancs (tbc)

12:30 Discussions

12:45   Lunch break

14:00           nina czegledy
14:15           mare tralla
14:30           branca milic-daric/vera kopicl  or tjebbe van tijen (tbc)

14:45 Discussions and Coffee break

15:00           calin dan (tbc)
15:15           luchezar boyadjiev
15:30           janos sugar
15:45           olia lialina/gleb aleinikov (tbc)


16:15           irina aktuganova/alla mitrophanova (tbc)
16:30           rossen petkov/krasimira teneva/diliana ikonomova
16:45           tapio makela

17:00    end of day one

18:00   - 20:00 Private View
                        68 Hope Street Gallery
                        L.Boyadjiev VP97 Installation
                        Up and Down Back and Forth

Sunday Session
April 13 1997

10:00 Introduction and sum up

10:15           enes zlatar
10:30           geert lovink (tbc) or igor markovic (tbc)
10:45           mike stubbs
11:00           peter tomaz dobrilla/alexandra kostic (tbc)

11:15 Discussions and Coffee break

11:30           ryszard kluszczynski
11:45           nada prlja/stefan buzarovski (tbc)
12:00           kathy rae huffman/eva wohlgemuth
12:10           beata veszely

12:20 Discussions

12:45 Lunch break

14:00           stephen kovats
14:15           drazen pantic
14:30           octavian esanu/marin turea

14:45 Discussions and Coffee break

15:00           tamas st. auby/ heleni taxidis
15:15           marek tuszynski
15:30           carey young
15:45           melentie pandilovski

16:00  Discussions

16:15           vladimir muzhesky (tbc) or jennifer de felice/chris hill (tbc)
16:30           andreas broeckmann or caius grozav(tbc)
16:45           lev manovich

17:00   end of LEAF 97

18:00   Gin&Tonic Welcome Party open to LEAF participants
                METZ CAFE BAR, Cavern Qtr., Liverpool

19:00           Internal Syndicate Meeting
                METZ CAFE BAR, Cavern Qtr., Liverpool

April 14 1997

18:15                        Cornerhouse, Cinema 2, Manchester,
                                 Virtual Revolutions Screenings and Talks
                                [Eastern & Central Europe]

20:30 or
10:00 (tbc)             Czech Beer Welcome Party open to LEAF participants
                               METZ CAFE BAR, Canal Str, Manchester