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Syndicate: JUNCTION SKOPJE: DEEP_EUROPE. The 1997 - 1998 edition

Dear Syndicalists,

I am preparing the *second* Syndicate reader which will be published on the
occasion of the Junction/Syndicate Meeting, Skopje/MK (2 - 4 October 1998),
to be held within the Skopje Electronic Arts Fair / SEAFair - COMMUNING,
Skopje/MK (2 - 9 October 1998).

After the success of the first Syndicate reader ("DEEP_EUROPE: The 1996 -
1997 edition", October 1997, 140 pages, completely sold out), which covered
the activities of the Syndicate network from January 1996 - October 1997,
and which was published on the occasion of the ostranenie 97 festival in
November 1997, some of the Syndicate members during the Piramedia meeting
in Tirana, Albania, decided to prepare a follow-up publication: The
*second* Syndicate reader!

The *second* V2_East/Syndicate reader, entitled "JUNCTION SKOPJE:
DEEP_EUROPE. The 1997 - 1998 edition", will document Syndicate related
activities from October 1997 - August 1998. It will be edited by Inke Arns
<> and will comprise a selection of texts,  reports and
articles sent through the V2_East/Syndicate mailing list between October 97
and end of August 98.

The reader will be structured by the following sections:

- Stockholm Fragments
- Piramedia:
- Events: ostranenie 97, CO+++ 98, etc.
- Media/Art Critique
- Maniacs of Disappearance - Conference Contributions
- Travel & Conference Reports
- People & Actions
- Notes on Contributors

If you have any texts, reports, or other material lying around that you
forgot to post on the list incidentally, and that you want to suggest for
inclusion in this reader, please, 1) do send it to the list (which is
important for the archive & the online version), and 2) get in touch with
me <>.

The deadline for sending material is *20 August 1998*.
Suggestions concerning illustrations are welcome.

"JUNCTION SKOPJE" will be produced in Skopje, with kind support from the
Soros Center of Contemporary Art - Skopje.

And last but not least, I do agree with Andreas Broeckmann: The Junction
meeting will be *the* Syndicate meeting this year, so it would be nice if
as many of us as possible could make it there. If not before, see you in

Best wishes, and looking forward to your heroic contributions,

Inke Arns

PS: "JUNCTION SKOPJE: DEEP_EUROPE. The 1997 - 1998 edition" will be made
available online as well. Watch the V2_East/Syndicate website!

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