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>Hull Time Based Arts is a Hull Based co-operative that has rapidly
>gained a national, and international reputation but is still relatively
>unknown in its home town.  The organisation is made up of artists and
>organisers who work in the fields of time base art, particularly those
>concerned with live performance and participation.  The organisation has
>been behind a variety of exciting and often radical projects that have
>frequently provoked political outrage and criticism.
>To commemorate Hull Time Based Art's 14 year anniversary, they have
>published a book entitled "Out Of Time".  Edited by Andrea Phillips, the
>200 page book features lavish illustration and narrative on many of the
>works the group has commissioned and organised over the years.  The book
>is absorbing and features images which are sometimes disturbing, often
>bizarre and always thought provoking.  The book talks a lot about Hull
>and charts its not always comfortable relationship with the local
>establishment and its struggle for survival.
>"Out of Time" is available,  price =A315, from the Hull Common Purpose
>For more information on Hull Time Based Arts check out  their web site
>on www.htba.demon.co.uk

virtual summer at www........?

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