Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 12 Aug 1998 09:53:50 +0100

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Syndicate: no july newsletter

dear friends,

for those of you who haven't noticed: i skipped the july newsletter,
something i seem to have done every july in the last three years, so let's
call it a traditional summer break. i'll make the next newsletter at the
end of august, taking us into the autumn festival and meeting season.

we have had more subscribers in the last weeks, and they may be a bit
confused about the scattered way in which postings appear on this list. i
sometimes wonder myself. but if you look at the postings over a longer
period of time you can see a definite pattern emerging, mixing
announcements for events in east and west with texts, shorter information
pieces and some accidental stuff. (the list is still unmoderated, which
explains why we sometimes get the 'please, subscribe me' messages. but i
think that there is still not so much 'noise' on the list that we would
have to start thinking about moderation.)

although this list has turned into one of the international info channels
for media culture in europe (in the neighbourhood of nettime
(, a list for media theory and net criticism; xchange
(, a list for experimental use of net audio and net
radio; faces (contact: or, a list for women on
the net; rhizome (, a new york-based list about net art and
media art; to name but a few), the syndicate itself is still very much a
network of people, something that is being manifested once again at the
Virtual Revolutions workshop series (which is going to salford/uk at the
end of this month), and that we will also see at our next big meeting in
Skopje/Macedonia at the beginning of october. meeting people who are
working in the media cultural field in europe, exchanging ideas with them,
becoming friends and starting co-operations, that's what the syndicate is
mostly about.

i hope you can enjoy the summer on this strange old continent. let's make
europe even deeper.



ps: some dates (check

- mid-August 1998: Meeting Point, Sarajevo/BiH
- 2 - 7 September 1998: ISEA98, Liverpool&Manchester/UK
- 3 - 6 September 1998: Subfiction - 3. Werkleitz Biennale, Werkleitz/D
- 5 - 6 September 1998: Baitz mit Klang 2, Baitz/D
- 4 - 13 September 1998: pictures of (e)motion, Bonn/D
- 7 - 12 September 1998: ars electronica, Linz/AT
- 18 - 23 September 1998: World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam/NL
- 25 - 29 September 1998: Videonale 8 , Bonn/D
- 2 - 4 October 1998: Junction/Syndicate Meeting, Skopje/MK