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keyboard magazine - january 98



The CD player says there are 97 tracks on the disc, and your ears are
assaulted by this fantastic variety of rude electronic noise, so you think
at first maybe it's a sampling CD, but it's not. It's just part of the
enigma promulgated by the band; from the sleeve, you'd think maybe their
name is kontEnt:id !=, or maybe +/-hekx|dAmage.gRi...D. I tried their web
site (www.tezcat.com/~antiorp) hoping to elicit some hard facts, but the
site is straight out of Count Zero; you can only experience it, not
understand it. I finally got the band name from the record company site.
About the record: Once in a while you have the hallucination that there
are remnants of tunes buried amid the sampled radio voices, oscillator
whickering, pitch-mangled fuzz guitar divebombs, and flying snare flams.
But probably not. After a few years getting synth-and-sampler CDs in the
mail, I thought I'd heard everything, but I've never heard anything like
this. -Jim Aikin

__....-  krop3rom||a9ff 0+2
- repressing began 8.8.98

decibel records continues to market
unauthorized copies of krop3rom||a9ff
to combat this and other amusing attempts
at eloquence - krop3rom||a9ff 0+2 will be released.

- repressing began 8.8.98

krop3rom||a9ff 0+2 contains additional material by :
the hafler trio   \+\   sine.x(2^n)


50 kontributions have been made \ sekured
however due to higher than anticipated costs
15 additional contributions at $35 for 10cds
are being accepted