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Syndicate: image|architettura in movimento

"image|architettura in movimento"
International Festival for Architecture in Video
(Florence, 9-13 December 1998)

Organized with the collaboration of the Faculty of Architecture at the
University of Florence, Department of Processi e Metodi della Produzione
Edilizia, as well as the Regione Toscana the Provincia and the Comune of
Florence, supported by Autodesk, image|architettura in movimento is an
international festival expressly dedicated to the exhibition and comparison
of videos and multimedia systems intended for understanding the screen as
an informative tool for past, present, and future architecture. The
Festival will open a window wide onto the world of architecture, by
providing an opportunity to see and compare the work of students and
architects from many countries, verifying the didactical possibilities of
the digital.

Besides the projections of the selected video works, the 1998 edition of
image|architettura in movimento will offer meetings with specialists in
audiovisual communications, architectural designers, digital movie
production designers, as well as an interactive exhibition of CD-ROM and
Internet sites, specifically dedicated to architecture.

This year's events will contain the following sessions. Participation is
free of charge and open to architects, students, authors and production
houses for video and multimedia:

- Video and Film for Architecture: for general videos on architecture.
- Student videos: for videos about architecture created by students.
- Professional videos: for videos about architecture created by (or for)
- Design: for videos dedicated to design.
- Architecture and Environment: for videos dedicated to the relationship
between architecture and environment and to bioarchitecture.

We welcome your participation in the 1998 edition of image|architettura in
movimento as well as any contribution of your recent discoveries: please
send tapes (VHS or U-Matic copies, preferably PAL system) and CD-ROM, with
a biographical note about the author(s), a complete address, phone and
email, and a description of the work. It is necessary that each submission
should include one ore more images.

The Festival reserves the right to publish any contributions in an
illustrative catalog of the selected works, which will include the names of
participants, descriptions and photos of their work as well as a brief
biographical note.

In addition, The Festival also reserves the right to display all submitted
works free of charge and no submissions or materials will be returned to
the authors.
All submissions must be received by 30 October 1998 at the following address:

image|architettura in movimento
via Scipione Ammirato, 82
50136 Firenze, Italia

For further information:
Arch. Marco Brizzi
phone: +39 (0) 55 666316
fax: +39 (0) 55 2347152

Lorenza Berengo
phone/fax: +39 (0) 55 290260