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Syndicate: London screening of BAZA and Alexander Davic

Tuesday 25th August, 8pm

Backspace, London, welcomes Group BAZA and Alexander Davic from Novi
Sad, Yugoslavia.

Alexander Davic will show some recent short video works:
The Last Dada Performance, The Eyewitness, Absolutely Dead (made with
Apsolutno Art Association), Madness Machine, and Putting Our Best Foot
Forward - made in January 1997 to document the anti-government
protests in Yugoslavia.

Group Baza will talk about their new performance: "Recognising", and
show their recent video works plus some internet projects from Novi
Sad's emerging network and media lab, Cyberns.

Plus you will be able to talk to them.

Entrance fee:  something to drink

Group Baza with Alexander and Nikola Davic, have been the guests of
the "Revolting" project in Manchester, organised by Micz Flor.  Log
into their performance on Thursday evening, 20th August on:

more info on the screening from:

Backspace is at:
Winchester Wharf/Clink Street/London SE1 9DG
London Bridge Tube/BR
Tel: (44) 171 234 0804

BAZA members are:
Vera Midic, Psychology student and artist, founding member of 
Group BAZA and Cyberns media lab
Vladimir Barbul, Literature and Language student and artist, 
founding member of Group BAZA and Cyberns media lab
Branka Milicic-Davic, artist and media activist, founding member of
Group BAZA and Cyberns media lab Aleksandar Davic is a film and video
maker, teaching assistant at Drama department of the Academy of Arts
Novi Sad.	<------------------->	Founded 1996

> Backspace is open everyday but monday, from 12am-8pm.
> Monthly subscription to bak.spc the riverbank web lounge is �£20.00.
> This includes quality access to internet resourses, media library, a
> wide range of active projects and related events. Any questions,
> contact now or drop in.....