Annette Huennekens on Fri, 21 Aug 1998 16:25:59 +0100

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Syndicate: membership in the syndicate

High synbicate,

my name is Annette Huennekens and I�´ve heared about your information
transfer aoiut media art by the way of mailing to the members of a
syndicate list.

I�´m working together with Eric Kluitenberg at the KHM on the theme of
�»Virtual Museums�« in Kologne and sometimes I receave some of your interest

Two years ago I wrote a book about interactive media theories (�»Der bewegte
Betrachter. Theorien der interaktiven Medienkunst�«) and now I�´m working on
the history of the way, media art coming in museums (�»Musealisierung der

Your information is very useful to me and I would be glad to become a
member of your syndicate.

Hope to hear from you,
yours sinceresly

Annette Huennekens