Geert Lovink on Sun, 30 Aug 1998 15:51:40 +0200 (MET DST)

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Syndicate: The Terror of Cyclic Exsistence (fwd)

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 14:53:00 +0000
From: Franz <>
Subject: The Terror of Cyclic Exsistence

The Terror of Cyclic Exsistence

An invitation to participate in an interactive art installation involving
the use of six fax machines set up in a massive space in the Manchester
Metropolitan University, UK.

You are invited to contribute to an art installation

As part of the 9th International Symposium of Electronic Art,
International Artist Franz Otto Novotny is asking you to fax your ideas to
a fax installation based on six themes.  There will be six fax machines
each of which will correspond to a particular theme. Your visual response
and your interpretation of these themes would be very much appreciated.
Please send as many faxes as you wish.

The lines will be active all day and night from 9am on the 2nd of
September to 11pm on the 7th of September. We will be continually
receiving faxes from all over the world so you may find the lines
occasionally engaged. If this is the case please keep trying at different
times. You might even consider sending a number of faxes on different days
and nights.
At periodic intervals photographs will be taken of the
installation and will be posted on this web page so that you can get an
impression of how it is all working out. Franz plans to respond to as many
of the contributors as possible so please include your details on the
faxes you send. Include your name, fax number and email if you have one.
At the end of the installation all the faxes received will be collected
into a catalogue and made available for you to review on the internet.  A
printed catalogue will also be produced. Note: To see the fax numbers
and the corresponding themes please click on "Fax Numbers" on the menu.

Fax No	                Theme	   Key Words
Associated Realm

0044 161 247 1081	hatred	   aggression,anger	                Hell
0044 161 247 1082	avarice	   greed, rivalry, covetousness	        Ghost
0044 161 247 1083	virtue	   dissatisfaction, choice	        Human
0044 161 247 1084	pride	   ego, self esteem, self-regard        God
0044 161 247 1085	jealousy   envy, rivalry                  Jealous God
0044 161 247 1086	ignorance  forgetful, limited	               Animal

Lines open 24hrs
from 9am on the 2nd of September 98    to 11pm on the 7th of September 98.

For further information contact Franz on email:
Franz Otto Novotny
Artist - Creative Specialist - Cultural Diplomat

Tel: 0044 (1)161 247 6219
Fax: 0044 (1)161 247 1908

Interactive Arts
Art as Environment
Manchester Metropolitan University
Fine Art Department
Grosvenor Building
Cavendish Street
M15 6BR