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Syndicate: V2_East Newsletter 98/07-08

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 98/07-08

- Introduction
- Dates of upcoming events
- Updates

- General info about the Syndicate list
- Subscription

* Introduction *

Dear friends,

while some of us are meeting in England these days for the last part of the
Virtual Revolutions workshop and for the ISEA98, others will be at the ars
electronica festival in Linz/Austria the following week. There'll be a
group from the Nettime list there, as well as people from the Xchange
network (who may also be celebrating the Honorary Mentioning that they won
in the Prix Ars Electronica/.net competition).

But then, and more importantly, we will be meeting at the 'Junction'
Syndicate meeting which will take place in Skopje/Macedonia on 2 - 4
October, in the framework of the Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '98. Melentie
Pandilovski <> is organising this, and you should get
in touch with him about invitations, accommodation possibilities, etc. When
we went to Tirana in May it proved interesting for some people to post
their experiences with visa and travel arrangements, so if anybody has
already booked their flights or knows about the visa regulations, please,
send them to the list.

On Thursday, 6 August, there was an inconspicuous message from Kathy Rae
Huffman about her recent change of address. After years of independent
curating, writing, networking and travelling from her base in Vienna, Kathy
is taking up a post as Associate Professor of Electronic Arts at the
Department of the Arts of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY/USA.
I am really happy for Kathy about this appointment, and I think I speak for
many on this list when I express deep gratitude for the network of
friendships, commitments and co-operations that Kathy has created over the
past years. Three years ago, she was there when we started talking about
the V2_East initiative that became the Syndicate network. Certainly, Kathy
will still be around in Europe a lot in the future, but I wanted to mark
this occasion.

In mid-August, we had a short flare of spam on the list, and because there
have been some critical voices, I want to make this short comment. In the
course of only days after subscribing to the list, (=cw4t7abs) sent long
and hardly comprehensible responses to messages that had been posted. (i1
+   - f3.mazk!n3nkunzt.m9ndfukc macht fre!) I had complaints from list
members very quickly and asked (=cw4t7abs) to try and tune it down a bit;
with no effect, so that I felt that unsubscribing him was the only way of
protecting the list in the short term. What seemed particularly annoying
was that the same messages were bein cc'ed to 7-11, syndicate, nettime,
XCHANGE, infowar-en and other lists. One of the people I was in touch with
in those days wrote: 'I think unsubscribe is a good choice; the same stuff
is sent to the nettime, 7-11 and american express lists. I have nothing
against the actual content, but I think in the case of Syndicate it is
totally out of context.' Others were more bland, while a more elegant
suggestion was this:
'and then there would be the english solution.. 250 mails from subscribers
saying "dear sir, madam or machine, some of us have 386's and 14400 modems
and analogue phone lines.  in kind consideration of this fact, we would
appreciate it very much if you could entertain the possibility to
refrain..." ' If anybody has a better idea of how to solve such a
situation, we should discuss it, because I am not happy with such drastic
measures either.

For the first time, there was an announcement for an event in Greece last
month. Ironically, it came via an anonymous remailer and gave no e-mail
address, so that our contacts in Greece remain very faint. If anybody has
online-contacts there, as well as in other especially European countries,
please (let them) get in touch.

best wishes, and see you soon,


* Dates of (some) upcoming events and exhibitions *
(check the archive at for postings about these

- 21 August - 20 September 1998: Beyond the Looking Glass, Sarajevo/BiH
- 2 - 7 September 1998: ISEA98, Liverpool&Manchester/UK
- 3 - 6 September 1998: Subfiction - 3. Werkleitz Biennale, Werkleitz/D
- 5 - 6 September 1998: Baitz mit Klang 2, Baitz/D
- 4 - 13 September 1998: pictures of (e)motion, Bonn/D
- 7 - 12 September 1998: ars electronica, Linz/AT
- 18 - 26 September 1998: WHO-HOW, Warsaw/PL
- 18 - 23 September 1998: World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam/NL
- 25 - 29 September 1998: Videonale 8 , Bonn/D
- 2 - 4 October 1998: Junction/Syndicate Meeting, Skopje/MK
- 2 - 9 October 1998: SEAFair - COMMUNING, Skopje/MK
- 2 - 10 October 1998: L'Immagine Leggera, Palermo/IT
- 9 - 18 October 1998: MuuMediaFestival, Helsinki/Fi
- 9 - 11 October 1998: ROOT, Hull/UK
- 15 - 25 October 1998: Nouveau Cinema/Nouveaux Medias, Montreal/CA
- 16 - 18 October 1998: net - art - world, Berlin/D
- 16 - 25 October 1998: Pandaemonium, London/UK
- 23 - 25 October 1998: Oekonomie der Grenze, Zurich/CH
- 29 - 31 October 1998: Digitale Schnitte, Koeln/D
- 30 October - 6 December 1998: SURRO GATE, Karlsruhe/D
- 17 - 22 November 1998: DEAF98, Rotterdam/NL
- 18 - 22 November 1998: AVE Festival, Arnhem/NL
- 19 - 22 November 1998: Circles of Confusion 4, Berlin/D
- 19 - 21 November 1998: French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media
Feestival, Tallinn/EE
- 26 - 28 November 1998: SKIKT conference, Bergen/NO
- 3 - 6 December 1998: Festival of Film & New Media on Art, Athens/GR
- 9 - 13 December 1998: image|architettura in movimento, Florence/IT
- 12 - 21 February 1998: transmediale, Berlin/D

* "Beyond the Looking Glass"
21. August until 20. September, 1998

After the successful first Sarajevo SCCA show last year "Meeting Point"
this secong event entitled "Beyond the Looking Glass" will consist of two
parts. One part will be videos which will be included in the Sarajevo Film
Festival as its video section.
The second part will be interventions in town (video installations,
installations, performances...). This will begin on the 21st of August and
run until 20. September. The Film Festival lasts from 21. August until 30.
Apparently a catalogue of Meeting Point (1997) is available, and certainly
and excellent video compilation does!

For further info contact Dunja, Lejla, or Enes <>

* Baitz with Sound 2

For the second time the Kunstpflug e.V. and Giannozzo verein in Berlin
will be organizing the festival BAITZ MIT KLANG (Baitz with Sound):
this is a  sound art festival that will take place on the weekend of
September 5 & 6 in the village of Baitz near Belzig which is 60 km
south-west of Berlin.

the following artists will be participating with sound installations and
performances throughout the village, courtyards and  fields of the
village of Baitz:
- - Marek Choloniewski, Krakau, Polen
-- Stephan Froleyks, Bedburg-Hau
-- Margita Haberland, Berlin
-- Mario van Horrik und Petra Dubach, Eindhoven, Niederlande
-- Hans-Peter Kuhn, Berlin
-- Richard Lerman, Houston, USA
-- Zbigniew Lowzyl, Posen, Polen
-- Paul Panhuysen, Eindhoven, Niederlande
-- Jan Pieniazek, Warschau, Polen

For more information :

KUNSTPFLUG e.V. ,  Bahnhofstr. 47 , 14806 Baitz
Tel: 0049 -33841 -8265     Fax 0049-33841-33121   E-mail:

GIANNOZZO e.V.,Berlin, Suarezstr. 28, Tel: 030-321 7783

Warsaw/PL, Ujazdowski Castle, 18 - 26 Sepenber 1998

This year the Center for Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle is
co-operating with the Warsaw Autumn - the International Festival of
Contemporary Music on the WHO-HOW project. It combines:

- the Internet concert presenting three pieces by three composers Sinji
Kanki (Helsinki), Joran Rudi (Oslo) and Maciek Walczak (Warsaw), who is also
the author of the whole project. The concert will take place in these three
places H-O-W, the musicians will contact through the Interent and the whole
concert will be broadcased through the Internet. Date: 24. 09. 98. 8 pm.

- the Multimedia Miniature Competition entitled Hyde Park; the winning
pieces will be used as basic material by Maciek Walczak, the Grand Prix is a
modern PC; Date: the competition should be open any minute now.

- the Internet Gallery combined with the lectures by Maciek Walczak, Marta
van der Haagen, Ryszard Kluszczynski, Shinji Kank (Sibelius Academy), Joran
Rudi (NOTAM) and Jaroslaw Kapuscinski on music and the Internet. Date:
during the Warsaw Autumn Festival 18 - 26. 09. 98, lectures at noon.


* Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '98 / JUNCTION Syndicate Meeting

The Center for Computer Arts which acts within the framework of the
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia

Melentie Pandilovski, Curator of SEAFair '98
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia
Orce Nikolov 109, 91000 Skopje
tel/fax:	389.91.133.541

* ROOT 98 - Lucid - new ways of seeing

- 9 - 11 October 1998: ROOT, Hull/UK

In conjunction with Photo 98 -Uk Year of Photography and Electronic Imge,
HTBA has commissioned a number of new works for gallery and non gallery
sites - including work by:

Granular Synthesis, Perry Hoberman, Gina Czarnecki, Ann Whitehurst,
Mongrel, Rebecca Cummins, Andy Hazell, Dan Harvey & Heather Ackroyd,
Monster Creations, Peter Richards, Lisa Erdman, Chumpon Apisuk, Tapio Makela

Other artisits participating in the festival are:
Steve Mann, Julien Maire, Heinrich Luber, Sanja Ivekovic, Haley Newman,
Demitri Launder, Caroyne Rye, Lotitia F, Kis Pal Sacbolcs

Please let me know if you are intersted in coming over so as I can forward
more details, including accomodation etc.

Provisional speakers include: Martha Rosler, Monica Ross, Steve Mann, Sanja
Ivekovic, Peter Zorn, Steve Bode, Daniela Zyman, Keiko Sei.

HTBA is an artist run initiative on a tight budget but each year our
programme grows! ROOT is a really good chance for serious and social
exchange, good art, good contacts. We cannot offer funding but can help you
find accomodation. If you want a formal letter of invite to raise travel
funding we are happy to help.

 We are happy to host 'sub -meetings' at ROOT as we recognise that the
festival is a convenient place to meet other organisations. Please write a
short paragraph on what you want to discuss.  Just let us know and we can
publicise - call for papers or include you in our publicity.

ring me at HTBA  44 (0) 1482 216 446 or e mail for more info.

Gillian Dyson, Project Co-ordinator
Mike Stubbs, Director
mike stubbs <>

* net - art - world: reception strategies and problems
media arts lab in the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin
October 16th to 18th 1998

a meeting of net artists, theorists, curators and netizens

Netart is in a paradoxical situation: An ever-growing
audience without knowledge of the technological basics, and the artists
with their relationship to innovation and to the electronic parallel
culture, do not come together; sometimes it seems, the public is a
symbol for the developments of blind consumerism, which netart is
opposed to.

Between the difficulties of mediation and the claims for effect,
aesthetic radicality and social relevance we are automatically
confronted with the question of the transitions between the netart-world
and the outer world as an characteristic of the medium. How can we
reconcile or shape these transitions?

This question gets even more important when we look at netart from the
perspective of the conventional, not electronically-mediated art world.
The conventional art scene -- not only since the context critique in the
art of the 80s -- experienced an internal critique of its own operating
system. Its elaborate marketing and reception systems promise -- apart
from economical chances -- also a well developed quality evaluation and
practical mechanisms how art and society can permeate. Considering the
technological race over the economical utilization of the Internet --
its commercialization and its information overflow -- the consideration
to present netart to the selective publicity of the art world suggests
itself. Netart could have multifold profit from a tighter union with the
gallery system, the exhibitions and the institutionalized critique of
the art system. Vice versa it is nessecary to encourage conventional art
to meditate more profundly about its technological environment. It needs
a deeper reflection on technological innovation in order to understand,
examine and criticize the future formation of the society.

The symposium is meant to offer proposals and solutions through
lectures, discussions and practical workshops. We want to get artists,
net.theorists, museum scientists, art historians, gallerists and the
audience together to develop new strategies for netart.

Organisation and Concept: Vali Djordjevic and Gerrit Gohlke


* 'Oekonomie der Grenze'
23 - 25 October 1998
Shedhalle Z�¼rich, Rote Fabrik, Postbox, Seestr. 395, 8038 Z�¼rich
Tel.: 0041 1 481 5950, FAX: 0041 1 481 5951,

Der Kongress findet im Rahmen des Projektes 'MoneyNations@access' statt. Er
kreist grob gesagt, um die �¶konomischen Hintergr�¼nde des Geschwisterpaares
Rassismus/Sexismus. Diese Macht- und Ungleichheitsverh�¤ltnisse werden in
Beziehung zum massiven Ausbau der EUgrenzen und deren Bedeutung f�¼r neuere
Ausbeutungsformen in Osteuropa gestellt.

Info: (Marion von Osten)

* 29 - 31 October 1998: Digitale Schnitte, Koeln/D
(on film editing today)

* AVE Festival - festival of experimental film and video
Arnhem/Netherlands, November 18 - 22, 1998


World Wide Film & Video Festival, Independent & Underground
19. - 22. November 1998 Volksb�¼hne & Filmkunsthaus Babylon
at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin-Mitte

The festival screens works of all styles and lenghs, on Video, Super8, 16mm
or 35mm from the last two years which have not been commercially
distributed. We want to support unconventional filmmakers outside the
mainstream. Submitted films will be evaluated based on originality in the
realization of ideas and the use of experimental techniques.

The deadline for submissions is September 15th, 1998.

To create a non-competitive atmosphere, we do not stage a juried contest
for awards. The ROTER SALON in the Volksb�¼hne will again serve as a central
meeting point for filmmakers, the film-going public and representatives of
the media. Here it will be possible to meet and chat with directors about
their screened films, exchange ideas and plan future projects ...

In the FORUM on November 29th we hope to develop a working relationship
with independent filmmakers, producers, distributors and festival
organizers - an International Independent Film Network, IFN.

We show productions of all styles, lengths and formats, which are not yet
commercially distributed. As EXTRA CONFUSIONS we show short film
associations with the festivals name CIRCLES OF CONFUSION (maximum
five minutes, all genres and formats).

We need to receive all materials no later than15. September 1998


c/o CORDA, Heinrich-Roller-Strasse 25, 1O4O5 Berlin, Germany
Telefon + Fax (+ 49 3O) 442 5237 / e-mail:
Circles of Confusion 4 - World Wide Film & Video Festival 1998

Bergen, Norway
November 26-28, 1998

        A forum for the presentation and discussion of
        theoretical and artistic developments in digital
        arts, media and cultures. Through plenary session
        lectures, parallel paper presentations, and short
        paper sessions and ample space between sessions,
        as well as an informal social program.

DEADLINE: August 15, 1998


* 1st  International Festival of Film and New Media on Art
3 - 6 December 1998

The festival is the only one of its kind in  Greece and in the wider area
of the Balkans and the northeastern Mediterranean  and aims to develop the
public's understanding and appreciation of art as well  as to encourage
this specific kind of multimedia production and  filmmaking. It will be in
two languages (english and greek)  and it is open to all cd-roms that were
produced within the last four years on the following domains of art:
painting, sculpture, architecture, design, crafts, decorative arts, dance,
perfomance art, music, film, cartoons, photography,  video art, multimedia
art, interactive art, fashion, literature, poetry, art history, as well as
museology and restoration.
If you are interested in submitting your  productions for preselection to
the competition section please let me know in  order to receive the entry
form with all the necessary information. The  finalists can participate
with only two entries and there is not a registration  fee.

Yiannis Skourogiannis
Director of IFFNMAA
57 Archimidous
GR-116 36 Athens

* image|architettura in movimento
International Festival for Architecture in Video
(Florence, 9-13 December 1998)

Organized with the collaboration of the Faculty of Architecture at the
University of Florence, Department of Processi e Metodi della Produzione
Edilizia, as well as the Regione Toscana the Provincia and the Comune of
Florence, supported by Autodesk, image|architettura in movimento is an
international festival expressly dedicated to the exhibition and comparison
of videos and multimedia systems intended for understanding the screen as
an informative tool for past, present, and future architecture. The
Festival will open a window wide onto the world of architecture, by
providing an opportunity to see and compare the work of students and
architects from many countries, verifying the didactical possibilities of
the digital.

Besides the projections of the selected video works, the 1998 edition of
image|architettura in movimento will offer meetings with specialists in
audiovisual communications, architectural designers, digital movie
production designers, as well as an interactive exhibition of CD-ROM and
Internet sites, specifically dedicated to architecture.

We welcome your participation in the 1998 edition of image|architettura in
movimento as well as any contribution of your recent discoveries: please
send tapes (VHS or U-Matic copies, preferably PAL system) and CD-ROM, with
a biographical note about the author(s), a complete address, phone and
email, and a description of the work. It is necessary that each submission
should include one or more images.

All submissions must be received by 30 October 1998 at the following address:

image|architettura in movimento
via Scipione Ammirato, 82
50136 Firenze, Italia

For further information:
Arch. Marco Brizzi
phone: +39 (0) 55 666316
fax: +39 (0) 55 2347152

* Updates *

Alessandro Ludovico <> writes:

NEURAL is an indipendent quarterly printed magazine, in Italian, about the
digital culture at large.
Neural Online
Re-starting September 7th, biweeekly online supplement to the magazine
NEURAL - via Palmieri 31 - 70125 Bari
Tel. - Fax 080/5021595 * e-mail

* Barbara London, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, writes:

Visit InterNyet, , and follow my journey through
Russia and Ukraine to meet media and installation artists. The simplest
way to describe the site is to say that I opened my notebook. I've
traveled to many countries in years past, met artists, made notes, and
gathered art material, which I later used in putting together
exhibitions. This time I posted my research on the net, so everyone
who's interested in how a curator works, or the way I work, can join me
on my learning curve, as I get to know the artists, and the context of
their work.

* ZDB - galeria z�© dos bois -

Morada: Rua da Barroca, n�º 59, 1200 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel: (351) 1 342 98 82 / 3430205
Fax: (351) 1 347 68 92

A Galeria z�© dos bois funciona em Lisboa como
espa�§o de divulga�§�£o e promo�§�£o de propostas de arte
emergente nas suas vertentes mais interdisciplinares,
contribuindo nos �ºltimos tr�ªs anos para incrementar
o consumo de arte actual.

O seu principal objectivo �©: Criar um espa�§o
alternativo que viabilize a inser�§�£o de novos
projectos culturais e art�­sticos no panorama actual,
proporcionando conte�ºdos, infra-estruturas e meios
de produ�§�£o.

* General Info *

V2_East is an initiative of V2_Organisation Rotterdam, which is aimed at
creating a network of people and institutions who are involved with or
interested in media art in Eastern Europe and which wants to create an
infrastructure that facilitates cooperations between partners in East and
West. With its 'Syndicate' mailing list, website <>
and regular meetings, V2_East is becoming an important tool for fostering
ties within the media art community in Europe which makes it increasingly
obsolete to think in term of 'East' and 'West', and which will eventually
make the V2_East initiative itself redundant.

The V2_East/Syndicate is a no-budget network initiative rather than an
institution. <> is the address of a mailing list which is
dedicated to an exchange of information and ideas relating to the situation
and future development of electronic and media art in Eastern Europe. A
Syndicate-mail archive for messages that are coming in over the list (since
April 97) can be found at:
The list members include more than 260 artists, curators, networkers,
writers, festival organisers, etc., from East as well as West European
countries and beyond, who, through the 'Syndicate', are trying to improve
the communication and cooperation between artists and organisations in East
and West. The list was first installed following the initial meeting of the
V2_East initiative at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam on January 21, 1996, at
the end of the second Next 5 Minutes conference. During the DEAF96 festival
in September, we held a V2_East Meeting in which around 30 people from 12
different countries participated. Other meetings were held in Liverpool
(LEAF97, April 1997), Kassel (Deep Europe workshop, August 1997), Linz
(Syndicate Net.Shop, September 1997), Dessau (Ostranenie 97, November
1997), Tirana (Pyramedia, May 1998).

* Subscription *

To subscribe to the syndicate list, please, send a message to
<> with the following text in the body of the
message: subscribe [email-address]
For more information about the Syndicate, please, contact <>
(Andreas Broeckmann).

*Please, send information that you feel should appear in the next edition
of this newsletter to: