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Syndicate: Tr: (ENGLISH) COLLAGE JUKEBOX version 2.0

Dear Syndicate,

Jerome Joy has some really interesting work and theory on the move,
discreetly, in the south of France. Since there are lots of re-sound-ing
freaks on the list, perhaps this will be of interest. Hopefully.

Kia Ora
à bientôt


-----Message d'origine-----
De : jerome joy <>
Ã? : <>
Date : mercredi 2 décembre 1998 00:37
Objet : (ENGLISH) COLLAGE JUKEBOX version 2.0

>---------Musee d'art contemporain de Lyon France
>---------11/02/1999  -> 11/04/1999
>DEADLINE : 8/12/1998
>------------------ Bar Wagram Nice
>DEADLINE: 30/01/1999
>Venez rejoindre les quelques 170 artistes qui participent deja au projet.
>Envoyez vos contributions des maintenant.
>Come to join the few 170 artists who take part already in the project. Send
>your contributions now.
>---> Jerome Joy, BP 74, 06372 MOUANS SARTOUX Cedex, FRANCE.
>---> email:
>---> fax: 00 33 4 92 92 26 35
>////// INVITATION //////
>You are invited to take part in Collage JukeBox, a project of Jerome Joy.
>Here is the advertisement of the new international project Collage JukeBox.
>You are cordially invited to take part in this co-operative project of an
>international edition in a new form: a juke-box. This project proposes new
>investigations in the field of the sound, in music, visual arts and in
>other disciplines. It is a project on the " fixed sound " or the " recorded
>sound ". The original proposal of the Collage Project was two years ago, to
>can listen to some new sound and musical investigations in knowing that the

>majority of those are not broadcoasted in thetraditional networks, and to
>find some inedite forms of presentation which come out off the beaten
>tracks and which allow to put together some sound researches in visual arts
>and musical ones. How the sound invests the contemporary languages today?
>and which artistic activity and musical possible today?
>///// DESCRIPTION /////
>The new project Collage JukeBox, after the project of the last year
>CollageTV and the first version of JukeBox the last summer, uses the device
>of a "true" JukeBox to become mobile and permanent. The edition consists of
>evolutionary banks of  CDAUDIOs, growing progressively with new
>contributions, and is representative of new sound investigations in art and
>music. It is not a question of a collection carried out by collecting, but
>of a project where we ask each artist to voluntarily take part and to send
>what he or she desires. You can send to the postal address above your sound
>and/or musical contributions (works, extracts, documents, etc.) on DAT, CD
>or audio-cassette, each work must be less than 10 minutes.
>These contributions are then burned on CD, are inserted in the JukeBox
>device and are "playable" like tracks starting from the board of the Juke.
>Specific works for this project of JukeBox are of course welcome and
>especially desired. The participating artists keep the moral right and the
>copyright on works sent. JukeBox is free and not-paying. The user chooses
>one or of the selections on the board of the JukeBox according to the names
>of the artists and titles' displayed, as on a traditional jukebox. All the
>selected artists are named (quoted) into each presentation of the project
>(publication, catalogs, etc). You can invite two or three other artists to
>participate to the JukeBox project.
>The Collage title do not want to indicate a selection and a esthetic
>reference according to this kind, but this choice wanted to reveal this
>particular juxtaposition of different varied processes and experiences
>around audio recording. The project Collage JukeBox is permanent today and
>evolutionary, you can send your contributions when you want. Each
>presentation of the project is a step of this one, and contains the whole
>of the participations for a presentation and it choosen date. Be inventive
>vis-a-vis of the jukebox!
>///// COLLAGE /////
>Past events:
>- 1996 "Collage Musiques d'Appartement", non-stop hi-fi dispositive in an
>apartment open to the public .
>- 1996 "Collage Musiques de Plein Air", non-stop sound-system dispositive
>in a public place.
>- 1997 "Collage TV", 38 TV-programs of 15 minutes each, white screen +
>- 1997 "Collage Auditorium", automatic website.
>- since 1998 "Collage JukeBox", jukebox. (version 1.0, Bregenz Austria,
>11/02/1999  -> 11/04/1999
>!!!!!!!! DEADLINE : 8/12/1998
>Collage JukeBox will be presented during the event "Musiques en scenes"
>with other projects of Janet Cardiff, Ian Car Harris, Philip Corner, Paul
>Demarinis, Raymond Gervais, John Giorno, Joe Jones, Collage JukeBox un
>projet de Jerome Joy, Alvin Lucier, Christian Marclay, La Monte Young,
>Charlotte Moorman, Charlemagne Palestine, Peter Sinclair & GH Hovagimyan,
>Michael Snow, Wolfgang Staehle, Doug & Mike Starn, Stephen Vitiello et Bill
>I am sorry for the very short time for the reception of the new
>contributions and the "montage" of the project, but I was informed myself
>very late. All the artists will be quoted in the catalog. The JukeBox will
>be presented in a user-friendly space especially arranged for this purpose
>(with a bar), and not laid out into exhibition spaces.
>Mars 1999
>!!!!!!!! DEADLINE : 30/01/1999
>Collage JukeBox will be presented into a traditional bar near the Nice 's
>///// PARTICIPANTS /////
>The number of participants have not ceased to increase since two years,
>creating truly an experimental space in which meet as much the artists in
>contemporary art, composers, musicians, etc.
>Since the Collage JukeBox Version 1.0, you can find into the JukeBox pieces
>of these following artists:
>Annie Abrahams, Anna Adahl, Guenther Albrecht, Dominique Angel,
>Pierre-Andre Arcand, Eric Arlix, Scot Art, Kenneth Atchley, Christophe
>Ballange, Christian Banasik, Robert Barry, Frederic Beaumes, Vicki Bennett,
>John Bischoff, Olivia Block, Blood on the Honky Tonk Floor, Lynn Book,
>Xavier Boussiron, Steve Bradley, Pascal Broccolichi, Nicolas-Jaufre Bullot,
>Warren Burt, Rosalie Calabrese, Rhys Chatham,Jeff Chippewa, Henri Chopin,
>Michel Cloup, Philip Corner, Pierre Couprie, Courtis, Andy Cowton, Kurt
>Dahlke, Lance Dann, D'Arcy Philip Gray, Sophie Decoret, Paul Demarinis,
>Ernesto Diaz Infante, Dickyoucantrust, Kristie Drew, Chantal Dumas, Jean
>Dupuy, Dust Breeders, Karlheinz Essl, David Fenech, Evelyn Ficarra, Rajmil
>Fischman, Mike Frengel, Bernhard Fruehwirth, William Furlong, Rainer
>Ganahl, Diego Garro, Marcus Geiger, Thomas Gerwin, Bob Gluck, Fred Gobin,
>The Golden Gate Fils de Pute, G.R.A.M., Gilles Grand, Alex Grillo, Bruno
>Guiganti, Martin Guttman, Claudia Hart, Hanna Hartman, Andrew Hauschild,
>Christophe Havel, Nigel Helyer, Axel Huber, Sung Ho Hwang, Joseph Hyde,
>Jalouxdemonsucces, Philip Jeck, Thorsten Jordan, Pierre Joseph, Jerome Joy,
>Luc Kerleo, Martin Kippenberger, KlangKrieg, Imi Knoebel,
>Koch-Schuetz-Studer, Thomas Koener, Jan Kopp, Charles Kriel, Peter
>Kristiansen, Christina Kubisch, Petri Kuljuntausta, Eric La Casa, Diane
>Landry, Heimo Lattner, Richard Lerman, Philippe Legoff, Thomas Lehn, Claude
>Leveque, John Lever, Ludovic Lignon, Henry Lowengard, Marco Lulic, Erik M.,
>Kenny Mac Alpine, Danny Mac Carthy, Andrew McKenzie / The Hafler Trio,
>Arnaud Maguet, Eric Maillet, Don Malone, Jose Augusto Mannis, Maxime
>Matray, Kaffe Matthews, Martin Meilleur, David Michaud, Micromega, Christof
>Migone, Joachim Montessuis, Michael Morley, Antoine Moreau, Gianni Motti,
>David Moufang - Move D, Florian Mutschler, Helene Myara, Maurizio Nannucci,
>Yuko Nexus6 Kitamura, Jerome Noetinger, Ed Osborn, John Oswald, Frank
>Edward Pahl, Jean-Louis Paquelin, Para-Noise Terminal, Gianantonio Patella,
>Stacy Pershall, Christophe Petchanaz, Dominique Petitgand, Emanuel dm
>Pimenta, Jean-Louis Poliart, Andrea Polli / Doorika, RadioActivists, Lee
>Ranaldo, Maja S. Kjelstrup Ratkje, John Richey, Jocelyn Robert, Jean
>Routhier, Jean-Philippe Roux, Sabdam, Philip Samartzis, Sam Samore, Claude
>Schryer, Segovia/Vialard/Guiganti/Myara, Jarmo Sermila, Gemma Shedden,
>Peter Sinclair / GH Hovagymian, Franck Slama, Isabelle Sordage, Ghislave
>Sosnowski, Stephane Steiner, Axel Stockburger, Pete Stollery, Allen
>Strange, Takahiko Suzuki, Taro Suzuki, Gauthier Tassart, Asmus Tietchens,
>Pascale Tiraboschi, Kasper Toeplitz, Mark Trayle, Trio Erratum, Hans
>Tutschku, Francoise Valery, Annette Vande Gorne, Jean-Luc Verna, Yann Vero,
>Christian Vialard, John Voigt, Hans Weigand, Gregory Whitehead, Richard
>Windeyer, Komminos Zervos, Heimo Zobernig
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